Fidget spinners have turned out to be the latest sensation in the world of toys. And along with their popularity, there has been a high rise in the preference of the dynamic between plastic and metal spinners. While some prefer plasticwhich is basically meant for fun and pass-time for kids, others prefer metal spinners, the ones for fidget spinner collectors, professionals, etc.

In this blog, however, we shall be talking about what kind of fidget spinner you should buy, a plastic one or a metal one. While looking for the best fidget spinner for yourself, you need to know that fidget spinners help promote concentration, relieve stress, and are widely used for adults and children attention disorder and autism. It is not just the material that matters.

Here are 5 other characteristics:

1. Durability: If you looking for durability in a longest spinning fidget spinner, then you should go for a metal spinner. The bearings in a metal fidget spinner are much more durable and precise as compared to those in a plastic fidget spinner. So if you are looking for a durable and high quality fidget spinner, a metal one is what you should opt for.

2. Cost: Naturally plastic fidget spinners are of much less price than metal spinners. If you are a collector of fidget spinners, it makes more sense to go for plastic ones as you will be able to get more for less. At the same price, you may get one metal spinner but 4 plastic spinners. So, if you are a bit cringe on your wallet, going for a plastic spinner is a viable option.

3. Spin time: If you are looking for the longest spinning fidget spinner, you will find that it is made up of metal. Basically, the fact that metal adds weight makes the fidget spinner’s centre of gravity stronger which helps it in spinning. However there are numerous plastic fidget spinner designs that incorporate added weight and do spin longer than usual. But when one compares metal and plastic fidget spinners, metal comes up victorious.

4. Look and Feel: Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It’s all about what you want for the looks. But certainly, plastic fidget spinners are more delicate and may break early while metal fidget spinners are more durable and carry intrinsic metal work. However, plastic spinners are also available in numerous styles and finishes and are more suggested for kids as they are less harmful. So, if you are looking for the coolest fidget spinners ever for kids, choose from plastic. Or if you are looking for one for yourself, go for a metal one.

5. Tricks: If you are up for tricks with your fidget spinner, then plastic is what you should go for. They are of much less weight and can in no way harm you if you throw them up in the air only to catch them a few moments later. Moreover, even if you miss them and the break, it doesn’t hurt you financially. Metal fidget spinners on the other hand are heavier and tougher to do tricks with.

Thus, these 5 points need to be kept in mind before choosing a plastic or metal longest spinning fidget spinner. So, get going, choose your favorite fidget spinner and let it spin!

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Steven is a famous blogger and expert on best fidget spinner. Here he writes on 5 points of comparison of the best fidget spinner finish between metal and plastic.