Most people believe metal prints are best for landscapes, but we have found after doing thousands of prints with a variety of content, metal is suited for all types of images

professionally digitized paintings
commercial art
digital painting
wedding photography
and so much more...

Metal prints are a rapidly expanding art medium that boasts vibrant, brilliant colors and detail that is unsurpassed. Through a process called dye-sublimation, the print is infused (transferred) directly to a sheet of coated aluminum via heat and pressure. Metal Mouth Prints offer a wide range of shapes and sizes as well as a variety of finishes including white glossy, semi-gloss, matte, and clear options for glossy and matte.

We use only the highest quality Chromaluxe aluminum panels that are .045 inches thick with the highest quality coating available in the industry. Chromaluxe Aluminum Prints are not just the industry leader they are the yardstick all Metal Prints are measured by! Chromaluxe aluminum panels are made in the USA and are 100% recyclable.

A metal print makes for a great addition to a home or office that only compares to a facemount acrylic print but much more!

Chromaluxe Metal prints have been tested for fade resistance and have been found to outlast photo papers by 2-4 times.

Metal Prints are an excellent option for Artists, Photographers, Interior Decorators, Enthusiasts etc. to sell, show and decorate offices, homes and more.

The final prints are scratch resistant, water resistant, heat resistant and more.

Water resistance makes for a great print that can be placed in bathrooms and spas with high humidity levels. Finally you can place a piece of art in a master bath without worry of it getting destroyed by water and humidity.

Grease and food proof allows you to place a print right next to the stove in your kitchen or restaurant without it getting ruined by the splatter of grease and food. Just use a household or industrial degreaser and the print cleans right off. Just think, you can have a picture of the kids right there at the stove top without worry that it will be destroyed by grease and food splatter.

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