Let’s admit it, for most, the passion of metal detecting can be a passing fancy, a fad, one that fades frequently, faster than the sheen of our shiny, new metal detectors. But, for the rare few, it’s an awareness and enthusiasm that sticks along with us basically throughout our lives.

Most of us who began out treasure hunting and metal detecting at a young age discover this out to be the truth. The pastime just gets in your own bones early more than enough and you just cannot shake it.

Even though metal detecting frequently suffers a awful reputation or poor press-often misunderstood by the public due to its solitary nature-with hobbyists often lumped together and stereotyped as typically safe and geekily weird, we're truly a different bunch. Aside from falling into four several hunting groups: the mineral hunter, the beachcomber, the coin shooter, and the relic hunter; we’re people that come from different walks of lifestyle. We have other interests outside of metal detecting and usually, hold other jobs.

Why are we so in to the pastime? What’s not to like? For individuals who know what they are accomplishing, they can really-and do-earn some extra (literally) coin! And some of these coins that they've managed to locate have been worth an amount of money. But, that, to the true hobbyist, is gravy. That's simply a reward. The incentive of the passion will be the act itself. The excitement of being out there hunting to many of us, is reward in itself. The enjoyment of having the ability to take out our metal detectors and stay out and discover is a lot more than half the fun.

Naturally, no metal detecting enthusiast will refuse to some locate. We all really like finding and recovering things. Whether they be precious or simply old-still beneficial in a sense, but absolutely nothing that could perhaps be sold for a lot of money.

So, when Christmas rolls around the corner and the up coming generation starts trailing us around on these hunts and starts asking us for their own metal detectors, we are aware that the cycle has started again.

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