The direct voice mediumship of Leslie Flint is a triple miracle. It is a miracle enough that any messages from the afterlife came through at all. The second miracle is that the length and quality of communication is the greatest and highest I have ever heard in the history of mediumship. The third miracle is that other great souls such as Dr. Marshall, John Whitehead (Mickey), etc. managed to help bring through souls from rather high planes of consciousness who would not otherwise have been able to come through at all such as Rabindranath Tagore, St. Matthew, and Mahatma Gandhi. Great spiritual truths rarely heard of in seances were spoken of at great length and recorded on hours and hours of tape.

Hundreds of paranormal voice message tapes can be heard on the Leslie Flint Educational Trust website. Most of the communicators who come through from the other side have either British, Scottish, American, Indian or Italian accents, and some are clear and others are not. Some come through in foreign languages, and sometimes even in dead languages. The voices come from both men and women and some are from children such as Bobby Tracey. Bobby Tracey was an inimitable British 5-year-old school boy who naturally communicated simple honesty yet remarkable intelligence, candid humor and an absolute uniqueness of character. He actually would have to have "died" first to come through just the way he did! If he was just an actor fraudulently mimicking a spirit, then who directed this downright fantastic sound track? Who dreamt up the soap bubbles coming out of George Woods' "funny" head and why even choose such a weird subject? Who wrote the script? Who's overworked imagination was this? How did they get him to sound so authentic, so natural, so impulsive, so spontaneous and so happy and carefree if it were all just a lie? Where did all the money come from to create this effect and why even go to all the expense and trouble in the first place with just average quality recording equipment? How did they get him to sound so spontaneously silly, happy and honest about having died with his mother in a fatal auto accident? How were they able to keep his unpredictable, natural, innocent and playful spontaneity fully within the context of a remarkably realistic afterlife perspective (consistent with all the other recordings) throughout this entire 20 minute uninterrupted, unedited 1967 soundtrack? Where is this actor now? Who paid him to keep quiet when he could have made a pretty penny exposing Leslie Flint as a charlatan? Go figure. Anyone with enough common sense studying this subject carefully and close enough should have no recourse but to believe it!

It is best to use headphones and to turn down the base or adjust and process the sound through an electronic equalizer if possible. However, the subjects are so utterly interesting, it is far more than worth the trouble of listening and some are actually very clear. Many of the voices start out slow and cumbersome, speed up to a crescendo and then tend to putter out right at the very end as "the power" runs out. Because they are communicating directly from their subtle bodies, some of the spirits do not stop for breath and start speaking unusually rapid, making themselves sound a little strange or unworldly, while others do breathe (yes spirits do breathe!) but rarely stop to think because access to their own thoughts and memories are so much clearer than when obstructed by the physical body. The medium, Leslie Flint, usually fully conscious and conversing with both the spirits and sitters, provides most of the ectoplasm and energy for the spirits to create the voice box to speak through. What is ectoplasm? Ectoplasm is an extremely radiation sensitive, intermediary, vital, living, substance that coats the cells of one's spiritual body in such a way that the spirit can temporarily interact with those in the physical world. Unfortunately, any actual manifestation of ectoplasm tends to be so uncommon that most scientists conveniently dismiss it, saying there is no such thing. As if to make matters worse there are and have been plenty of hoaxes created by unscrupulous charlatans.

Leslie Flint's direct voice is a form of physical mediumship of which there are several different kinds and is, for many reasons much rarer than mental mediumship (channeling). Only a percentage of one in a million can be a physical medium and of those who are potentially gifted, very few may even realize it.

In some cases, especially during a physical manifestation or materialization seance, the spirits use an ectoplasmic larynx directly molded over and therefore resembling and instantly creating a temporary physical counterpart of the soul's vocal cords and mouth as is done in the David Thomson seances. However, the voices through Leslie Flint used an etheric box that receives a spirit's thoughts which is somehow transmitted to an ectoplasmic larynx having the qualities drawn or "molded" from Leslie Flint and the sitters. This method saves much energy for more rapid, clearer communications however they do not always closely resemble the original voices of the spirits when they were physically alive on Earth. When using this method, a spirit has to remember how he or she sounded on Earth, while maintaining a certain level of energy, vibration and concentration on the voice box which often wavers or fluctuates. A huge book can be (and should be!) written on this subject alone being as wondrously complex as it is unbelievable. At first it seems so amazing that they sound as natural as they do, however after closer study of this subject I now realize that it is because their world, being even more natural than ours, also has an atmosphere (or many atmospheres) and their natural (astral) bodies seem to have a beating heart and breathing lungs just as we do. People never lose all the "physical" aspects of how they were on Earth when they pass over.

Communication is a complex process requiring loving dedication and cooperation on both sides of life. Just as with any complex system, occasional "technical" difficulties with the ectoplasm do occur. Voices sometimes come through only as whispers, or the pitch may go down or up, making the person sound rather hoarse or like he or she has laryngitis.

Once in a while, two distinct voices can be heard at a time (in addition to the sitters voices with Leslie Flint often coughing) with all conversing naturally with each other. When or if two or more spirits share the same voice box, they may tend to sound exactly the same especially when or if one spirit acts as a channel (medium) for another spirit existing on a higher vibrational level.

It is a miracle enough to have any sort of communication come through at all. However, much of the information that came through regarding the descriptions of the afterlife left me absolutely spellbound. When one hears descriptions of "everyday" life in the astral worlds, one cannot help but become completely astonished at how utterly natural and ordinary are the ways of life in the finer realms beyond the veil of death.

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