Ram Charit Manas epic describes Lord Ram’s birth, his winning the Lanka war and his coronation. But this is not the entire Ramayan. Lord Ram had incarnated keeping 2 aims in mind. One was destruction of unrighteousness and second was establishing righteousness. In Tulisidasji’s Ram Charit Manas only destruction of demonic character has been described. How was righteousness established? This is an independent topic. For this no less effort was required. The plan must not have been small, means too could not have been miniscule and merely a few Nala-Neels (aides) could not have executed it. But all this has not been described in that text. Establishing Ram’s Rule or establishing righteous rule is also called ushering in of the Golden Era or Satyuga. This task cannot succeed by merely waving a magic wand. The same amount of effort required in destroying unrighteousness is required for establishing divinity and righteousness.

We all are aware that destruction is easy and neo creation is difficult. It takes but a small matchstick to burn down an entire village but if it has to be reconstructed it takes gigantic efforts. One can easily perceive this. Establishing Ram’s Rule on earth is of no less importance because in reality that was the true goal. If the aim was merely to kill demons one would not get a chance to heave a sigh of relief even for a moment. How could we visualize that which we remember again and again? After Lanka’s battle one would see only dead corpses everywhere. On seeing burnt homes, bloody corpses etc who would believe that Lord Ram achieved something remarkable?

Whether the talk is of Lanka, Ayodhya or related areas it can be called praiseworthy only when in the place of old something new and exotic was constructed. How was it executed? This has not been described in Ramayan. Thus it means that Ram Charit Manas’ chief role player had not played a major role in it. This possibly was done by others. In the goal of subtlizing the psyche one aspect can be called ‘attacking’. In that what is lopsided has to be straightened. It is like a train straying away from the tracks due to an accident and is put back on the tracks using a huge crane. But merely doing this does not ensure that the train will function properly. It will have to be repaired in a loco work shop. When an inferno has to be quieted fire men put in intense effort. Once the flames cool off, people heave a sigh of relief. And yet the task of rebuilding homes, shops etc that have been burnt down remains. In days of war bridges across rivers are broken down so as to ward off the enemy’s attacking moves. But will they remain broken forever? They have to be reconstructed else transport will come to a halt and people will panic. Who broke the bridge to obstruct enemy attack? This is discussed everywhere and yet after the war is over how many engineers, laborers etc were required to reconstruct it is not given much importance.

These days powers of destruction, anarchy, chaos, strife and downfall are being seen everywhere. Today’s chief task is to obstruct them. Whatever is done for this is called trouble-shooting? It is most required. There are ways to overcome them immediately too. Without this the vehicle will not move on. Thus giving due importance to it we must ward off the undesirable as soon as possible.

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