Will you be shocked if I say that one in every family has got a huge possibility to have a mental illness??

Because, I have solid evidence to say so!!!

And, that’s is the motivation behind me writing this article for YOU and YOUR FAMILY..!

BELIEVE IT OR NOT – “According to the survey conducted by WHO in 2017, 7.5% of Indians were facing one or the other mental illness and they said it was to grow by 1% every year..9 years down the line, our country is facing a huge threat where 15 crore Indians are facing one or the other mental illness.”

When I say mental illness, it doesn’t have to be something severe like Schizophrenia. Couple of weeks ago, a 19 year old girl was brought to me with severe anxiety disorder. This girl had scored 85% in her 10th Standard and 78% in her +2. And she studied in regional language till her 12th standard.

And her graduation course was completely in English. This simple factor kick-started the anxiety in her…Now, you will see the darker side of the story….

She gave her best in studies, yet was trembling with fear the moment she entered the examination hall…
Guess what??

The obvious had happened, she had failed in all the 6 subjects in her first year graduation..And was in the verge of depression when they took the child to me…None of them were able to understand the child and give her the proper guidance.

Using NLP, I helped her get over her anxiety and fear factor..Also, suggested that she starts learning communicative English, on a parallel note.

And asked the girl to attend our NLP Practitioner Training, so that she gets the tools and techniques to face her life if she encounters such situations in the future…

NLP is a powerful set of tools and techniques that will help you lead a well balanced and happy life….

Know more about the 3 powerful benefits of NLP

Learning NLP is like being your own doctor..

So, next time somebody comes to you with a mental illness, listen to them, empathize with them and take them to the right place!!

And please share your comments and questions, if any..!

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