Menopause Supplements For Weight Gain

Each day, each minute, a woman’s body is undergoing a lot of changes. She begins with being a little girl, and then over a span of time transforms into a lovely woman. This change comes in her life as she steps into the phase of menstruation. Then, once again she has to undergo a change by letting go of the phase of menstruation and entering the phase of menopause.

The phase of menopause may be the most painful and troublesome phases any woman goes through.

What Is Menopause?

Menopause in layman’s language can be explained as a phase where the hormone factory stops producing the basic female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. Thus, the body undergoes a lot of changes to deal with this sudden lack of hormones.

The most common of all changes is the sudden weight gain around the middle.

How Is Weight Gain Related To Menopause?

A woman’s ovaries produce the basic female hormones of Estrogen and Progesterone. Now, during the phase of menopause, the ovaries usually tend to be dysfunctional. Thus, to fulfill the body’s need for the female hormones, the cells start dwelling on all the fat tissue to produce the hormones.

In the process, it gets very difficult to burn this fat which in turn ends up making a woman really fat specifically around the hip and the chest region.

These days, women can use alternative remedies such as natural menopause supplements for weight gain in order to deal with all the fat issues.

Other Factors That Trigger Menopause Weight Gain

Other than the major cause stated above, a woman also experience a slower metabolic rate due to which the entire power of the digestive system goes down the drain, making the digestion of fat a difficult and tedious process.

In the modern times, there are extremely high levels of stress thanks to the demands of a hectic lifestyle that one usually has.

Very few people know this, but every time any person develops stress in the form of anxiety or fear, he ends up producing really high levels of a hormone called the Cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that triggers the body to produce more energy in order to deal with the stress that one is going through and in turn ends up manufacturing tons and tons of fat, which adds on to the entire weight gain problem.

Keep The Weight Gain Under Control

The most basic and the most important thing is to understand the fact that controlled eating patterns and regular exercise is the key to keeping one’s body temple healthy and hearty.

One definitely knows that it is really difficult to maintain all this in today’s difficult lifestyle. However, menopause supplements for weight gain are convenient to take and may effectively keep your symptoms under control.

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