Menopause Libido Loss And Useful Treatments

Menopause Libido Loss – The Cause

In menopause, libido loss is a common symptom. It refers to a reduction or lack of desire in sexual activities.

As a woman approaches menopause, she may experience difficulties with becoming aroused. Physical discomforts may make the condition worse, including vaginal dryness and thinning of vaginal walls, which can cause pains during intercourse.

The main cause of menopause libido loss is the hormonal imbalance. The major female hormone, estrogen, is vital for increasing sensations and maintaining the health of vaginal tissue.

However, the estrogen levels plummet in menopause, which lead to the reduction of sexual drive and energy, as well as emotional and physical discomforts that can worsen the condition of libido loss.

Although menopause libido loss is often ignored by doctors in treatments of menopause symptoms, diminishing libido may damage relationships and self esteem.

Treatments Of Loss Of Libido In Menopause

The good news is that this condition can be easily treated through a number of methods. The following approaches may help:


Yoga and aerobics can help increase your flexibility and improve circulation.


Helpful foods for libido enhancements include red meat, oysters, almonds, soy products, fish, etc.


Massaging muscles to increase relaxation or for medicinal reasons.


When hypnotized a person is in a state of increased suggestibility and this may help to alleviate the symptoms.

Drugs And Surgery

The most frequently used drug therapy for loss of libido in the US is hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  While it is a fast and powerful way to correct hormonal imbalance, it also carries with it serious side effects and among them is an increased risk of certain cancers.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

This treatment considered dangerous because it has been proven that synthetic hormones increase the risks of ovarian and breast cancer, as well as heart disease, blood clots and strokes.  It has also been demonstrated that HRT can cause testosterone levels to drop even lower (while boosting estrogen), which contributes even more to loss of libido.

Natural Herbal Remedies

The best way to treat menopause libido is to treat the underlying cause, i.e. imbalanced hormones. Herbal supplements are a safe and effective way of restoring female balance.

Popular herbs to enhance libido are:

  • Damiana – damiana is known as the natural anti-depressant and libido-enhancer.
  • Tribulus – tribulus is a popular herb to enhance low libido. It is commonly used as an aphrodisiac.

Other herbs that provide menopause relief include:

  • Red clover – red clover is used to manage menopausal symptoms and hot flashes. This is one of the richest sources of isoflavones, a class of phytoestrogens that are similar to estogens in structure.
  • Dong quai – the ultimate herb for women. It has amazing benefits on female health and enhances the overall reproductive system. Dong quai is often mixed with other powerful herbs to reduce menopausal symptoms.
  • Black cohosh – black cohosh is a relaxant and a normalizer of the female reproductive system. This herb has shown positive effects on menopausal and post menopausal symptoms in clinical studies.

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