Throughout the years, Menkes Developments has ‘critiqued’ the skills of innovation to a cutting-edge & new level, but all the while standing by their higher quality & multi-disciplinary execution philosophy. Starting out as developer AND builder for communities that hosted single-family homes of exceptional quality of craftsmanship, cutting-edge designs, and striving to meet LEED certification.

Venture For Future Value

Menkes Developments is a privately owned real estate company that is flexible (directly involved in the building & management aspects of new constructions) and in direct touch with residential properties, retail properties, industrial properties and office properties (over 20 million square feet of business spaces!). Menkes has built the head office for Proctor & Gamble, the Sun Life Financial Tower and currently building Grand Festival Condos in Vaughan, ON

The Waterfront Vision By Menkes Developments

Ensuring through the development of new housing and new business, Menkes also actively promotes parks and greener spaces for people to thrive in and enjoy. Many of the condominiums that Menkes has developed & built have outdoor lounging spaces that offer relaxation and tranquility. Other measures that are important to Menkes is incorporating spaces for people to entertain

Festival Condos Vaughan  

The City of Vaughan is on an upward trajectory in regards to developing for the future, and unlike Toronto has plans to embrace energy efficiency, and green initiatives & spaces, which cater to the “work, play & live philosophy”. A primary component of this initiative is the development of Festival Condos, which will be one of the many high-rise condos being built in Vaughan near the Southern Part of the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC).

Multi-phased Festival Condos Community

In true Menkes Developments fashion, Festival Condos will be a multi-phased true mixed use community. Strategically positioned right on Highway 7, the project promises to have something for everyone. A streetscape that is designed with the retail and entertainment in mind, a building design that will set new standards for condominiums in the area, and a location that is unmatched when it comes to desirability and use. Being just steps from the subway has its perks, but living in a community that is bound for exponential growth, the likes of which we have never seen before in the GTA is a rare opportunity, one that will come and go in a blink of an eye.


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