The key part of a man's life-long sexual health is the prostate. The lack of knowledge of prostate and bad living habits lead to prostatitis. According to statistics, about 50% of men have prostatitis. To get rid of the damage of prostatitis, start by understanding it.

Prostatitis is one of the most common diseases in adult men, and men of every age may have prostatitis, especially young men are prone to repeatedly stimulate the prostate.

According to the statistics, about 8% - 25% of the urology department males have prostatitis. Prostatitis has become a man's "pain," mainly because it is difficult to treat and repeat when treating with antibiotics. While herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill works effectively and directly into reproductive system and urinary system, to completely clear up infections. It terminates chronic pain by notably improving blood circulation and eliminating inflammation gradually.

Once the prostatic inflammation becomes severe, it will affect the life of patients from all aspects. Besides, prostatitis can also cause some bacterial infection through sexual intercourse to the spouse, causing some gynecological diseases. Therefore, men should pay more attention to ordinary habits.These living habits are more likely to "provoke" prostatitis

Unclean sex life: both men and women should adhere to a wash before and after sex to keep the private place clean. Otherwise, it is easy to cause bacterial infection, urethritis, tonsillitis and other related inflammation, leading to the appearance of prostatitis.

Frequent sexual life: excessive and uncontrolled sexual life will let a large number of secretion siltation and acinar expansion, resulting in tissue edema between the glands, leading to aseptic inflammation of the prostate. It's better to have a regular sex life and not indulge in sex or abstinence.

Sedentary position: when sedentary, the prostate will be compressed, perineum, pelvic organ hyperemia, resulting in blood stasis, leading to prostate gland tube obstruction, leading to prostatitis.

Bad eating habits: some men smoke and drink for a long time and eat spicy food. However, these bad eating habits are easy to make the prostate repeatedly congested and provide favorable conditions for prostatitis.

Hold urine: it is harmful to the urethra. Long term holding urine can also cause damage to the kidney. The pollutants and metabolic wastes contained in urine are likely to be absorbed twice in the process of holding urine.

Also, urinary tract obstruction, perineum injury, chronic constipation, and hemorrhoids can lead to chronic prostatitis. If you have these bad habits, remember to correct them.

Adhere to three principles when taking care of the prostate
To avoid prostatitis, men can supplement some high-quality protein, such as eating lean meat, fish, eggs, bean products, and dairy products. These foods are good for glands and can enhance immunity.

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