The Washington Post’s Lifestyle by Associated Press features what the Milan designers are sewing up for their Fall-Winter 2012-2013 collection.They get serious with the gentlemen as they come up with double-breasted suits and flat leather bags.They suit up men in stylish, professional looks with an ensemble of dark and sober tailored suits made from alpaca, cashmere and tweeds; classic, oxford shoes; and layering scarves.

Your Clothes Project Who You Are

The corporate world demands the donning of business wear for a more professional and credible look. Clothes say a lot about you, so you have to dress appropriately. When it comes to conducting your business, your attireplays a supporting role. Your dress speaks of your professionalism, sophistication, intelligence and credibility.People draw perceptions from your appearance; you can only ever make one first impression.

The Basics of Business Wear for Men

Although fashion trends constantly change, the basics of business wear don’t. Depending on its quality, durability and wear, good professional attire can last for years.For men’s wear, a professional business look for an interview or important client meeting can be achieved with these particulars:

       • Suit
            o Wear a clean, well-pressed and well-fitted two-piece matched suit.
            o Colour
                 • Use conservative and safe colours, such as navy, dark gray, or chocolate brown. Black may be considered too formal, but can also be a good choice.
            o Fabric
                 • Choose solidly woven patterns, wool or wool blends, high quality natural or synthetic fibre.
            o Shirts
                 • Wear long-sleeved shirt in white or light blue solid colour, or conservative stripe patterns.
       • Footwear
            o Socks
                 • Choose dark-coloured socks in mid-calf length that match your suit.
            o Shoes
                 • Wear leather, lace-up or slip-on shoes in black or cordovan colour.
       • Accessories
            o Ties
                 • Choose quality, silk ties that don’t go out of style.
            o Belt
                 • Wear something that matches your shoes in colour and style.
            o Jewellery
                 • A classic watch in leather or metal band is the safest.
       • Bag
            o Bring a leather briefcase or messenger bag in neutral colour.

Three Levels of Men’s Business Wear

Like everything else, business fashion has also evolved. Sherry Maysonave, executive coach and author of Casual Power, describes the three levels of business attire; and these categories are listed below:

       • Traditional or Formal Business Attire
            o Business suits, dress shirts and ties
            o Just one level down from tuxedos
            o French cuff styled shirts, cuff links, silk ties, pocket squares
       • General Business Attire
            o Just a step down from formal attire
            o Dress shirt, tie, tailored sport coat with dress trousers
       • Business Casual
            o Dressy sport shirts, fine-gauge knits, and tailored separates (dress trousers, cardigan/knitted jumper, sport coats)
            o Khakis, chinos, knit golf shirts
            o All-leather belts, shoes, sandals and sneakers

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