Prostatitis is one of the most common diseases in men, which seriously affects patients' everyday lives. To prevent prostate disease, men must get rid of the following six bad habits.

Men often have the following bad habits that can lead to prostatitis, early know early benefits.

1. Sedentary

The prostate itself is similar in shape to the vertebral body of an inverted device and is located between the male bladder and pelvic floor muscles. This position is exceptional. When men are sitting, they will compress the prostate, causing the prostate to bear a lot of weight, leading to prostate congestion. It can also lead to the accumulation of local metabolites, leading to prostate obstruction, and eventually, prostatitis.

2. Alcoholism

After drinking, alcohol is broken down and absorbed by the digestive system and then flows to all parts of the body through the blood. The prostate itself is very sensitive to alcohol. When alcohol stimulates it, it causes rapid congestion and expansion of blood vessels near the prostate and edema of prostate cells. The higher the alcohol concentration, the more severe the swelling of the prostate is. If the swelling is not relieved and released in time, it will also cause inflammation.

3. Eat spicy food often

Proper consumption of spicy food is good for the body. But if long-term consumption of a large number of spicy food will lead to vasodilation and prostate congestion, reducing the prostate's resistance itself. In this process, many bacteria will enter the prostate, and the bacteria will multiply in it, which will quickly lead to prostatitis and aggravate the symptoms of patients with chronic prostatitis.

4. Have a cold

Some men usually do not pay attention to keep warm, which can cause damage to the prostate. Because the prostate is rich in adrenergic receptors, when it is cold stimulation, it will cause sympathetic hyperactivity, resulting in sudden contraction of the prostate, thereby increasing urethral pressure and leading to dysuria. However, dysuria can also affect the prostate. This vicious circle can lead to prostate disease.

5. Suffocation

Many males like to hold their urine, especially when they wake up in the morning. They will choose to keep their urine to get more sleep. However, holding urine can stimulate the sympathetic nerve, and the prostate will contract accordingly, leading to chronic congestion. And holding urine will increase the pressure on the urethra. The prostate disease can also occur under various factors.

6. Irregular sex life

If sexual life is too frequent, it will lead to prostatic congestion, leading to prostatitis. Excessive suppression of their sexual life, and even want to become an abstinent person, will also lead to the accumulation of prostatic fluid, leading to inflammation.

The prostate is a vital organ of the male urinary system. Once this part is abnormal, patients will feel obvious pain in the prostate. The pain is divergent, and the whole urinary system will feel pain.

When painful symptoms occur, men should do a detailed examination as soon as possible to find the cause and then take symptomatic treatment. At present, drug treatment is the first choice for prostatitis. The doctors will give patients some antibiotics, which can play a role in rapid anti-inflammatory.

But for nonbacterial prostatitis, the effect of antibiotics is not as obvious as traditional Chinese medicine. Commonly used traditional Chinese medicine therapies, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, can eliminate the inflammation of the prostate, prevent other parts of the infection on inflammation, and prevent the disease from aggravating and repeating.

In addition to medication, it is also essential to develop a good diet and living habits. If you have the above six bad habits, it is recommended to get rid of them.

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