There is an increasing amount of men who have taken up spinning as a regular part of their exercise regime. As a result, the demand for male spin shoes is rising and it is becoming more popular for men to want to invest in a quality pair of cycle shoes to get the most out of their workout.

First things first, when looking at the various brands which sell male cycle shoes it is important to understand what to look for and how they differentiate from women’s cycle shoes.

What are the main differences between men’s and women’s spin shoes?

The main differences are that men’s cycle shoes are built with a wider width and a lower arch compared to women’s which are usually narrower and higher. That is why during the search process for your cycle shoes it is essential to focus on male only to get the right ones for you.

What are great shoes for spin classes?

It is good to stop by your gym and ask your fitness instructor which type of pedal the bikes feature. This will help you gage which brand to go for as certain makes of bike will work better with certain brands of footwear that cater to that particular bike. SO making sure your shoes are compatible is crucial.

Having shoes that are made with hooks and loops, mainly Velcro systems, will be great for spinning. These ensure the shoe is fastened on tightly to prevent the foot from falling and slipping during a workout session and furthermore could prevent injuries.

Getting to know the features of spin specific shoes

Even though you may be tempted to opt for you are usually cycle trainers or even the trainers you use for your general gym work out session, it is much wiser to invest in a proper pair of spin trainers? Why is this? Because they feature important mechanisms and systems that can make a big difference to your work out and even make it safer for you to cycle effectively and with full power on a spin bike.

Some of these features are:

➢ spin shoes will have cleats you can remove
➢ they will be made with thin fabrics
➢ they’ll have breathable materials and vent systems worked into the shoe
➢ the soles will be moderately stiff.

Knowing about the shoes cleat system is also important. This is because you can gain more control from your cycle strokes when the cleat is compatible with your pedal.

What are cleats?

Cleats are found at the bottom of your shoes and should be matching the pedal you use in order to lock in your foot properly and safely. This is why it is a good idea to find out the pedal your spin class uses so that you can choose a brand that uses a compatible cleat. Ensuring cleats are positioned correctly is the next step. This will help promote a healthy stroke that reduces knee aches and any minor injuries that could happen during spinning.

There are top brands in the spin shoe niche such as Shimano that come with a specialized range of SPD cleats that are great for getting a solid control of the spin bike. Brands such as these make ranges that suit a range of budgets so people will normally be able to find the best cycling shoe for them.

Getting the measurements right

Getting certain aspects of the measurement process right will ensure the spin shoes are fitted perfectly for your feet. Knowing what to look out for when trying on male spin shoes can be a huge plus in choosing a brand that is great for you. So here are some things you can judge when trying on cycle shoes:

1) How tight or lose a show is – the tighter the better when it comes to indoor cycling. This will stop your foot from slipping around and prevent any injuries caused when this happens.

2) Getting a good support for your arch – the foot arch support will usually be high for indoor cycling to make sure your heel does not slip but instead holds well onto the pedal.

3) Sufficient toe space- ensuring that toe space is plentiful is a good idea when trying on different cycle shoes. This is because if you get shoes that are too tight and limit your toe movement, you could end up with some injuries. It is important to let your toes move about easily during a workout.

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There are two different cleat types for indoor cycling shoes. Please ensure that you know which type you need before purchasing shoes.