Pregnancy and childbirth have always been social concerns. I don't know if you have noticed that the subject of discussion on this issue in recent years seems to have gradually shifted to men. The decline of male fertility has become a hot social issue at present. The number of couples who need external assistance to conceive is increasing. Sperm banks in various regions are in urgent need.

Many reasons lead to the decline of male fertility. The main reasons for busy work and life are probably: sedentary, bacterial infection, obesity, alcohol and smoking, irregular work and rest, and so on.

The decline of sperm quality has not only occurred in young and middle-aged men with reproductive needs but has also become an unavoidable problem among college students. It is understood that in a hospital, the qualified rate of sperm of young and middle-aged men who donate sperm is less than 30%.

Today, let's talk about this topic seriously. It is everyone's responsibility to care for men.

High temperature causes sterility.

There are sauna rooms in many places. A baked sauna is an excellent way to relieve pressure, but for young men, there are better activities than this one.

The testicles of men need to be kept at a low temperature so that sperm can form and mature smoothly. High temperature does not make the eggs feel better. On the contrary, the high temperature of the sauna will increase the temperature of the testicles, affect the role of spermatogenesis and reduce male fertility.

Therefore, young men are advised to choose other leisure ways for their reproductive health. The same is true for high-temperature activities such as steam baths and bathtub sitz baths, which put eggs in "deep water and hot water." After all, there are reasons why eggs are "hanging" outside.

Sitting for a long time can also lead to male infertility.

For men who sit for 8 hours a day for more than 6 months, the quality of semen will decline significantly. The incidence rate of male infertility increased significantly if it lasted more than 24 months.

An organization once investigated 106 full-time IT staff. They sit and work 10 hours a day, with an average age of 28, but their semen quality is generally lower than the normal range. The results of semen quality analysis showed that the incidence of severe dyspepsia was 89%, severe asthenospermia 92%, mild to moderate oligospermia 63%, and the incidence of infertility was much higher than that of other people.

If you avoid sedentary and adhere to aerobic exercise (jogging, running, swimming, ball games, etc.) for 1 hour every day for more than 6 months, sperm quality can be improved to some extent.

Taking drugs may not restore fertility.

Some men decided to take spermatogenic drugs to promote sperm production because of infertility, hoping to restore fertility.

The qualified sperm density should reach 2 × 10 ⁷/ml, activity rate>65%, and deformity rate<15%. For patients with oligospermia, after taking several cycles, the concentration of semen can be increased to a certain extent. For patients with oligozoospermia, teratozoospermia, and azoospermia, taking spermatogenic drugs will not make healthy sperm account for more proportion, and the concentration may not reach the level of natural pregnancy.

Moreover, taking spermatogenic drugs will not improve the situation of infertility caused by obstruction of the vas deferens. Therefore, men need to consult professional doctors when taking spermatogenic drugs. After taking several cycles, men who need to receive assisted reproductive technology can carry out in vitro fertilization technology and have their own babies.

Men also have urinary tract infections

Although women are more likely to have urinary tract infections than men, the proportion of male urinary tract infections is also quite high. How is male urinary tract infection caused?

The doctor said that urinary tract infection is one of the common reproductive infections in men. Many kinds of diseases lead to urinary tract infections in men, including unclean sex life, bad living habits, bacterial infection, etc.

The leading cause of urinary tract infection in middle-aged and older men is prostatic hyperplasia leading to urinary tract obstruction.

Some patients with prostatitis may also have a urethral infection. In this case, the patient needs active treatment. The traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice for the simultaneous treatment of prostatitis and urethral disease.

Phimosis and excessive prepuce can also induce male urethral infection.

Males can think about cutting off their testicles after a severe injury.

Sometimes when I read the news, I hear that the testicles of a certain man were removed after being injured. Why do you sometimes choose to cut it off as soon as possible rather than keep it?

The testicles of men are protected by a testicular barrier to prevent the immune system from attacking sperm. If the testicular barrier is destroyed, immune cells enter the testis and shoot the sperm as a foreign body, producing anti-sperm antibodies, leading to immune infertility. For example, vasectomy, trauma, and gonadal accessory infection, especially epididymitis, can cause obstruction or partial obstruction of the vas deferens and produce anti-sperm antibodies.

Antisperm antibodies can reduce the fertilization ability of sperm through a variety of mechanisms, such as inhibiting the smooth penetration of sperm through cervical mucus and reducing the ability of sperm to fuse eggs. If the complement exists, the immune reaction will produce cytotoxicity to sperm and reduce sperm activity.

At present, there is no clear way to treat and remove antibodies. Only avoiding antibody generation can save fertility, so cutting off the testicles is the best way.

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