Society usually has this misinterpreted view about men and divorce. That men will be fine in the end, that they are much more stable in terms of handling pain and tremendous emotional stress and that they will generally come out fine in the end. Well much as society would like to say it is so, it actually isn’t. Because men are still human after all, and as such, are not impervious to the damage that can be caused by divorce.

Much like in the case of women, men need to find solutions to the problems that they are carrying in order to move on with their lives, the only difference between will be on the methods used. For men handling the emotional and mental stresses brought about by divorce will require a deeper understanding on what they are going through along with the fortitude to accept it and move on.

So what really is going through a man’s head before, during and after divorce?

Emotions on the surface

Negative emotions reflected by anger, sadness, fear and anxiety tend to overshadow sensible thoughts and possible solutions. These thoughts are normal but never allow them to get any deeper; this will only affect your sense of judgment and change your whole being.

Why are these emotions so difficult to deal with? Why do we get stuck in these modes and act out in damaging ways rather than resolve them? The reason is simple – they are not the real problem. Solving them one by one will do you no goo. If you really want to experience change, you must see beyond these surface emotions and dig deeper into your psyche.

Underlying Psychological Issues

In simpler terms, there is a war raging within you at the moment and the battle is between your ego and self esteem, the prize – you. Here’s your ego talking; you don’t want change, you don’t like change, why can’t things stay as they are? Here’s your self-esteem talking; what will people think of me now? Will they see me as a lowly person not worthy of any interest? What will my friends, family and other people say? Now, imagine combining the two together, and what you’ll have will be a perfect breeding ground for hate and negativity.

So what is a guy to do?

The solution is to not to give attention to either of the two. Yes your ego has gotten hurt, and your self-esteem is very low, but think about it, do they even matter at all? Therefore, instead of investing time feeding them to make you feel better; work on accepting things as they are instead. Learn to be happy with yourself despite of what has happened and despite of what other people think. This will prove to be a much better approach than any other.

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Men and Divorce