Every once in a while people ask me what can they do to remember things better or to recall particular events from the past. Occasionally people are worried that they are losing their memory or that they have a serious memory problem.

I recently heard someone say, "If you can still remember where are your toes, you don't have a memory problem. If you can't remember where are you toes, then the problem is much more serious than just having a poor memory." In other words, if you have a normal functioning brain (free of any physiological damage), then using few memory tricks can vastly and rapidly improve your ability to remember anything you desire to remember - effortlessly.

Right brain thinking makes it easy to remember left brain thinking. Neuroscientists have discovered that our brains process information in two distinct ways.

The right hemisphere of the brain processes information in a way that is holistic, intuitive, rich in visual imagery, music, rhythm, kinesthetic, where everything is experienced from the perspective of eternal now.

The left hemisphere of the brain processes information in a way that is linear, analytical, sequential, step-by-step, in logical order, divided in segments, words, numbers and other elements and building blocks.

Here are just a few tips to help you remember what you need to remember effortlessly:
All those truly memorable events in your life have some unique, dramatic, or emotionally charged elements that make them stick in your mind. You can just as easily remember whatever you need to by creating a unique or dramatic image in your mind.

For example, if you tend to forget where did you leave your keys, when you put your keys somewhere, you can imagine a huge colorful parrot standing there, holding your keys and repeating, "here are your keys, here are your keys, here are your keys". You get the idea.

Advertising agencies create jingles - memorable slogans set to an engaging memory - so that desired message sticks in the consumer's mind.

To remember words or numbers, you can associate them to some engaging tune that will easily ring a bell for you, when you need to recall that information.

When we really really like someone we make sure to remember that person's name. If the name is unusual we ask the person to repeat it and then we tend to repeat it to ourselves - over and over and over again.

When you meet someone new, repeat the name few times. Say it aloud, as in "Nice to meet you Mary", and then associate the name of the person to some activity related to the person's name - for example you can imagine Mary - getting married.

Here are few tips on preventing memory loss:

If you don't use it or if you abuse it - you lose it.

To ensure you enjoy optimal memory for a long, long time to come:

Eat blueberries, spinach and almonds. Fresh fruits and vegetables, particularly those rich in anti-oxidants contribute to the optimal functioning of the brain.

Avoid alcohol, smoking and recreational drugs. They kill brain cells.

If you are overweight, have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, try fasting periodically. Clogged bodies, clogged arteries, and clogged brains contribute to development of memory loss in old age.

Engage in some form of physical exercise regularly. It will enliven and oxygenate both your body and your brain.

Exercise your brain daily. Commit yourself to learning something new each day. The more you stimulate your brain daily, the longer and the better will it serve you.

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Dr. Laura De Giorgio is the author of over 2,000 self-help hypnosis, motivational and inspirational recordings in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. On her website http://www.deeptrancenow.com you can access many free articles designed to help you use your mind power effectively, many free downloads and inspiring movie presentations.