Memory is the blessing that human beings have, which tends to be more pronounced, more complex and sophisticated than what most of the other living beings are known to possess. Memory plays one of the essential roles in life, where the very basics of what we are would be defined by what we know. Right from the basics of our daily activities to complex calculations, comprehension, cognition and camaraderie, memory plays the pivotal role in what we are and what we do. However, this memory is not to be taken for granted as memory is not stagnant or always progressing by nature – we need to take special efforts towards memory improvement to be able to sustain our memories over long periods of time. Ageing has its negative effects on memory, and unless we engage actively in memory improvement, age would have the upper hand and our memory could let us down with time.

There are many aspects and facets to memory improvement, and memory training would feature among them as an effective tool. Memory training helps in the enhanced release of dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that plays a key role in controlling the reward and pleasure centres of the brain. Hence, memory improvement in the form of memory training exercises is known to have a direct impact on the performance levels of the brain. However, memory improvement is much more than memory training alone, as it includes memory foods as well as brain exercises that produce a combined effect that could lead to profound results.

Memory improvement through brain exercises is as essential to the brain as regular exercising is important to the body. There are various tools available for exercising your brain, which would make you think and your brain to process information. A game of chess or other memory cross training techniques would do a world of good to you, if you are serious about preserving your memory power over the years, as you get set for the ageing process without the associated memory loss. Memory improvement could also be brought about using top brain foods that are known to have a positive impact on the performance of the brain. With a carefully selected diet which contain foods that are good for the brain, memory improvement is well within your reach with some concerted effort.

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