Memory is the function of the brain, its efficiency and its ability to process information without a glitch. Memory provides us with the competitive advantage in a tough world. While the human brain and its memory may not be expected to be perfect at every occasion and while to err is only human, the capacity of the brain and the ability to capitalise on the powers to memorize could be exploited to its potential by engaging in some simple memory exercises. The role played by memory exercises in the perfection of the art of memorizing and in maximising the power of the brain can never be underestimated. We use only a fraction of our potential when it comes to brain power, and engaging in memory exercises would help us inch towards the maximum that we are capable of, in terms of memory power.

One of the basic memory exercises would be to challenge the brain and take it out of its comfort zone. If you are going to stay with what you know and what you do, without exploring the unknown and the unchartered, you may get used to the normal and the status quo. On the contrary, you could stoke your brain into performing at its best when you take it into areas that may not be its forte. Bringing in a bit of challenge stimulates your brain, makes it think and adapt to novel situations, and acts works out as some intellectually stimulating memory exercises. With constant action in new areas, the cortex of the brain becomes stronger, while the formation new neurons and dentrites is accelerated.

It is a similar concept at work at one of the more popular memory exercises, which is chess. Playing chess makes you think and puts your brain to work. In fact, if you are not an expert in the game, you would have to race your brain even harder, which would be one of the best memory exercises. In fact, it is suggested that the mere act of being positive about life and challenges and taking on novel situations with the will to emerge victorious would be effective instances of memory exercises. Used keys are always bright, and it doesn’t matter how you use them, as long as you make it a point to use them. Memory exercises make your brain sprint, and sprinting is good for the cells and for blood circulation.

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