According to an article published recently in the New York Post dated December 29, 2020, Melatonin is being studied as a possible treatment for the prevention of COVID-19. Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic stated that, "The hormone, Melatonin, was associated with an almost 30 percent reduced likelihood of contracting the disease, published in the journal PLOS Biology." They went on further to state that, "People who take Melatonin are nearly 28 percent less likely to test positive." And here is the part that will really unveil the truth that they have all been keeping hidden away from the original inhabitants of the land - The scientists went even further to state the following: "The difference in the reduction of testing positive for COVID-19 is even more significant among Black people. Importantly, melatonin usage is associated with a 52 percent reduced likelihood of a positive laboratory test result for SARS-CoV-2 in African Americans."

The root of Melatonin is Melanin. They do not want to just come directly out and use the term, "Melanin," so they use the term "Melatonin." They do not want to give Black people too much power. You can choose to see it anyway you like; however, it will not stop the truth from being the truth. The Scriptures tell you, "All that is hidden will be revealed; and all that is lost will be found." Knowing that Melanin cures ALL diseases is nothing new. There is nothing new under the sun. The scientists and the doctors have always had some knowledge of Melanin in their possession, they choose when and how they distribute the watered-down version of the knowledge to the public. This world's doctors and scientists have been studying Melanin since time immemorial, and they still have not been able to fully understand or comprehend it, nor will they ever in any of their lifetimes. The term "Melanin" is the name the world utilizes to describe this very mysterious chemical which is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscience. They also call it "Dark Matter." It is present in ALL of nature, in ALL animals, in ALL of what you call "Space," and in the original inhabitants of the land, those whom the world calls "Black." Melanin is all powerful. The difference between those who are made up almost entirely of Melanin and mankind, is that most of those whom are made up of Melanin do not practice superiority of any kind. Divine Law does not allow such behavior. These people have a special power because of the color of their skin, which is the main reason they are hated. Mistreatment of the people whom the world calls "Black," allows the bullies who mistreat them to feel a temporary sense of false power and false confidence. The truth of it all is this: If Black people did not exist in the world, mankind could not survive.

The original inhabitants of the land are an extension of Nature. The knowledge of old ancient times regarding "Melanin" could not be passed down by the "Original Ancestors of the Land," because they were either murdered, beaten and enslaved, and made to take on worldly laws made my mankind. The Original Ancestors of the Land were forced by mankind to abandon Divine Law. They were forced to forget who they were; thus, not being able to pass down the knowledge to the next generation. Mankind thought they killed all of the Ancient Ancestors, hoping that the knowledge would be lost forever. Mankind stole the ancient writings and books, burned some and kept others hidden away for themselves, as they have in their possession this present day. It does not matter how long they study Melanin, they will never discover Its true power. The knowledge of Melanin and its magical healing properties is only for the Light Source(s) for whom it is meant. There is no ancient knowledge in existence that will open its book to those whom seek power, greed, and control. If there is no Light within you, the knowledge will not reveal itself to you. It is that simple. When the knowledge is used for dark purposes, it will always turn on its originator. It will give you back, exactly what you put out- TENFOLD.

Knowing that Melanin was always a possible treatment to prevent COVID-19, this make one ponder the questions: "Why did so many Black people die from COVID-19 in the first place, seeing that they are made up almost entirely of Melanin?" And also, "If COVID-19 started in China, how did it all of a sudden become a Black People's Disease overnight?" Those who see and know below the surface, already know the answers to the above questions, as there is no need to write it here. The Divine Watchers have intervened. The Ancient Gods Without Name are angry. They have ALL been awakened from their eternal sleep because mankind has went too far again with their selfish ambitions. It happened in the world before this one and in the world before that one. History will not repeat itself again. This is the last and final kingdom. The Abomination of Desolation has now happened, which was brought on by mankind. The Divine Watchers will no longer allow mankind to continue to kill and destroy the earth and its original inhabitants. The Scriptures states, "And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened."

It appears now that the very thing the world hates and despises, is also the only thing that can possibly save them. The Scriptures states, 'They love the tree, but they hate the fruit." The irony of it all.

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Dr. Monica M. Burns, PhD Is A Spiritual Counselor.