The melancholy personality type is definitely the most skeptical and conservative of the four personality types. If your personality is extremely different, it is important not only to understand yourself, but also to understand the other person to have more overall cooperation in your daily communications.
The Green Urchin is used to symbolize the melancholy personality because of the cautious, technical nature. This person usually moves at a slower pace, and is indirect when communicating.

Melancholy personality types tend to be the pessimists of the world. They are skeptical by nature, which is why they research and analyze everything. They also make seeming good choices in life.
The Green Urchin is consistent, organized, and practical. They are not big risk takers. If something does not make sense to them, it is deemed illogical, like Dr. Spock used to say.
Melancholy personality types move at a slower pace, and they do not come out and say what is on their minds. They would rather take their time and analyze everything, and figure out the right way to verbalize what they are thinking.
Common Strengths
• Organized
• Good decision makers
• Cautious
• Deep and thoughtful
• Great planners and organizers
• Sets high standards
• Hard worker
• Idealistic
• Considerate and respectful
• Consistent and persistent once they commit to something¬¬¬
Common Weaknesses
• Critical
• Judgmental
• Not adaptable, doesn’t like change
• Insecurity
• Tends to fall into deep depression
• Pessimistic
• Skeptical and suspicious
• Negative
• Unforgiving and resentful
• Introverted
The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
You definitely want a Green Urchin on your team. You can be sure that all loose ends will be tied. Melancholy personality types are hard workers and very dependable when it comes to completing tasks.
On the dark side, if a ¬melancholy personality ¬feels wronged by the evils of society in some way, deep depression may occur. A well thought out, methodical plan may be devised, which could potentially lead to large massacres, or a long string of serial killings.
How to Recognize
¬Melancholy personality types tend to dress very conservatively. They usually walk and talk at a slower pace. They may be spotted standing away from a crowd, thoughtfully observing the situation.
When conducting business with Green Urchins, present all of the facts and details, and don’t appear rushed. You can expect a lot of questions, but do not sit there and answer questions all day. Just answer a couple of questions for them and point them to the websites and/or resources so that they can do their own research.
If everybody was had an extreme ¬melancholy personality they would analyze everything until they were paralyzed, trying to reach perfection. Fortunately most people have a blend of the four personality types.
Understanding people, using the four personality types will lead to more successful relationships in both your business, and personal life.
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