The company has its Megatron AG headquarters in Wilen commercial center in the city in Switzerland located Kaltenbrunn, about 50 km southeast of Zurich. The company is a leading distributor of electronic components, specializing in components and magnetic ferrites.

Company concept

As a reseller of their suppliers has shifted the Megatron Ltd mainly proximity and punctuality. This involves the company is not just about making a quick buck, but it builds up resistance and durability. That is, on the one in the company policy again, in a balanced way, seeking the one hand, growth and consolidation on the other hand operates. The basic idea of ​​the sound functioning of shows but also cooperation in the sustainable and long-term satisfaction with suppliers, as well as buyers. To ensure this continues while a fair and forthright behavior is desired, but also expected.
Even within the company to the lean organizational structure and a mutual Relieve created through active communication and meaningful delegate, a good working atmosphere, allowing the firm to clients and vendors also can act as an effective team. In addition, individual employees are constantly encouraged to independently develop, so that they can act with its specific know-how and extensive experience as an expert consultant. Since Megatron AG is a company specializing in specific product group, are also his staff experts, regarding these products and can both end users and resellers with advice and support available.

Business partner

Since the company stands for Megatron close, constructive cooperation, they could secure the confidence of leading global companies. No wonder the Megatron AG the exclusive representative for the Swiss market, some companies can successfully take over.
With the high sophisticated and technologically advanced products of these suppliers, the company wants its customers to assist Megatron AG of innovation and perfecting your equipment. It is on the extensive knowledge of research and development departments resorted to the suppliers, so the demand for our joint customers .. ferrites or magnetic components for plant, construction of electric motors, transformers, etc. can be satisfied.
The main customers of our services include companies in the telecommunications industry, changing companies, medical device manufacturers, companies in the machinery and electronic equipment construction, the developer of specialized equipment and, most recently, manufacturers of electronic identification devices.

Product ranges

Thus we have arrived at the product offerings of Megatron AG, which specializes in high quality as mentioned ferrites and magnetic components. For this purpose, the company mainly metal powder toroidal cores of different types, special ferrite, ferrite cores and bobbins. Also found in the range of piezoelectric and piezoelectric ceramics, permanent magnets, quality loudspeakers, magnetic heads, magnetic measuring systems, Mikrochokes, RF and microwave components.


The concept of sustainability should be reflected in the AG Megatron finally in their dealings with the environment. So she has been using in their choice of suppliers to those who aspire to an avoidance of environmentally hazardous materials in products, minimization of material consumption and waste production, the adoption of clean production technologies and production methods, and a minimization of energy consumption in production.
Furthermore, Megatron uses the AG on the acquisition of new packaging methods that ensure health and safety at work, as well as on the collection and dissemination of environmental product information.

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Andreas Bachmann is a renowned expert in the electronics industry. He regularly visits various productions and distribution companies.