Mega session hair transplant refers to the hair transplant procedure in which more than 3500 grafts are moved in one sitting. Basically, a hair transplant is a surgical transfer of hairs from the donor area to the balding area. It aims to restore hair growth in the balding area. Hair fall is a common problem faced by more than 80% of people in their lifetime. Normally, the number of grafting in a single procedure is 1000 to 3000. During the mega session hair transplant, the number of grafting is way higher than the normal procedure. It is recommended to the patients who want to get the maximum coverage of the baldness in one or minimum sessions.
There two basic methods of the hair transplant procedure, including follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction. The mega session hair transplant can be done by both techniques, but follicular unit extraction is ideal. FUT is strip surgery. It leaves a linear and visible mark at the donor site and it is not ideal for the high number of grafting. FUE is an advanced technique. After shaving the head and applying local anesthesia, the doctor starts the surgery. In this procedure, the surgeon extracts the hair follicles one by one from the donor site with the help of the pen-shaped tool with a fine tip. After extraction, the doctor places these hair follicles into a Petri dish containing, storing solution because extraction is a time taking procedure and without this solution, the follicles will die. Then the doctor will make incisions with the fine blade at the recipient site in which the hair follicles will be planted. It is a very long session so the doctor will have three options. The first option is that the doctor will have to keep the patient in the clinic for 16 to 18 hours. Second is, the doctor will have to use any robotic or automatic machine to decrease the time of the procedure. The last option is to divide the procedure into several sessions like extraction sessions and plantation sessions. In all the cases, the results will be the same. Although it is time taking procedure, it gives a dense look and leaves no significant mark.
There are several benefits of mega session hair transplant that make it an ideal treatment for advanced baldness patients. It matches the goal of undergoing hair transplant surgery, establishes a good hairline, and covers the maximum area of the bald scalp. Donor management is much optimistic about this method. As compared to follicular unit transplantation, a large number of grafting is possible with FUE. While there are several advantages of transplanting a large number of grafts in a single session, it is important to consider that a large session also brings some disadvantages and risks. It not only increases the extraction rate but also increases the cost of the procedure without the desired results. Here comes the role of highly skilled doctors. To get the desired result with mega session hair transplant, a team of well-trained doctor is required who knows how to work with a team and plant the grafts considering angle, direction, and density. The cost of this procedure automatically rises because of the large number of graft and the number of doctors that takes part in the procedure. In a simple clinic, it is difficult to perform mega sessions and give the desired result. So, obviously, well-reputed clinics charge more.
Mega session hair transplant is a refined and advanced technique to cover a large balding area in minimum time. It is good a technique to cover a large area but the survival rate of hair follicles is way lower. Because after extraction the grafts stay out of the scalp for a while. Since the sessions are long and can extend to several hours. There are also chances of shock loss. To consider this procedure, it is crucial to visit a doctor for the best opinion. For more information,

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