1) What was the biggest challenge you've overcome in your career and what has it taught you about yourself and your team?

The biggest challenge I’ve had to overcome is accepting failure as a lesson and not a loss. I believe that in business and in life you either win or learn, but never lose. Without failure, success wouldn’t be possible. When I started my first Job at 2013, after 3 years I got promoted as a Team Leader and everything was going very smoothly, suddenly company faced some trouble and making losses and I decided to left. and I started my own business.

2) How do you attract top talent and keep it around?

I have a knack for finding good talent. I work with some of the best people in the industry, because I make sure they are well compensated for what they do. Treating people with respect goes very far. The more your employees like you the more they are willing to bend over backwards for you. You have to be willing to pay top dollar to get top talent because they are worth every penny.

3) What's your company's "special sauce?"

Our special sauce is that we underpromise and overdeliver. You are guaranteed to ensure the happiness of your clients if you exceed their expectations. Always remember that results speak louder than words. Don’t focus on customer retention, focus on customer satisfaction and the retention will follow. The best general advice I can give is evaluate your competition and see what they are not doing that your clients would enjoy and do that really well. For example, if you own a cafe and there are 3 cafe’s within a mile radius of your’s who don’t offer free Wifi, then you need to advertise that you offer free speedy Wifi.

4) How are you different from your competitors? Be specific.

I don’t focus on being different than my competition, I focus on being better than them. Understanding your competition is just as important as understanding your own business. How can you expect to be better than them if you don’t do a competitive analysis? Every business is fighting for attention, the real question is how do we catch the attention of our clients better than our competitors? I know that my competitors do not have the capability to get their clients on websites like Entrepreneur, Forbes and other top tier publications like we do. In the PR space it is all about connections and forging relationships with the right people. I am able to separate myself from my competition by giving my clients results that my competitors can’t provide.

5) What was the biggest challenge you overcame in your personal life that impacted how you see the world and how you serve others?

Failure have taught me that no matter what happens in life, anything can change in the blink of an eye. In relationships, with health and with wealth, you have to live day by day and be the best version of yourself. I believe in the golden rule “treat others the same way one wants to be treated.”

6) What is your life mission? How does your company's mission align with your personal mission? Be specific.

My life mission is to be able to positively impact as many people in this word as possible.
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