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Every time a woman shows she's comfortable in her skin, she inspires another woman to be very pleased in hers. Still, you don't know what a sti's panel looks like. You could never do a raw diet. Still, you love some processed food, but because I have herpes, my pussy's dirty interesting I'm going to war with the herpes stigma until my company my community can feel comfortable about their status and proud of their sexuality to use the word dirty towards a community of people that can't help.

The fact that they have the herpes virus is unfair, and it feels the stigma a lot of women within the community and men as well the day they find out that they have herpes virus immediately they feel very dirty immediately they start to say I feel dirty no one would ever want me. Herpes is not limited to someone promiscuous there are people within the community in 20 plus year marriages and just found out that they had herpes. There's a girl who's been with her fiance for nine years, and because she got pregnant, she just found out she had herpes children can get herpes virus from adults kissing or playing with each other.

You can get the herpes virus out of a relationship. I had what I thought was a painful razor bump, but I wanted to get it checked on if it was so sad. When I went to get my razor bump to match, the doctor told me it was a razor bump. She said it's a razor bump. You have nothing to worry about, and I was like, it's just very painful. This is not making me comfortable, so I insisted that she take a culture of the area to make me feel better. Then, later on, I forgot about that, and they call you if something is wrong, and I never got that call, so I'm like, okay, it was a razor bump.
I'm fine.

It wasn't until I started to have symptoms of pregnancy that I went back to see my doctor. I thought I'm a single mother with herpes. No one's ever going to want me. I'm not going to find the relationship; I'm going to have to lower my standard. I'm going to have to settle. I would even lead into herpes disclosure, telling somebody that I was interested in that you're not going to want me, and it'd be like why because I have herpes. I wanted to change that narrative for myself. I didn't know why I was equating my worth to herpes, which means was I worth only sex. so I had to go on a journey with myself to figure out my worth and who I was to feel like myself again. I see a lot of negativity from the younger generation, or some of the negativity comes from ignorance.

It comes from miseducation, and it comes from being triggered on some things I may say might ring true for some people, and they can't handle it so that they may react negatively. Go get tested. You have to ask to be tested for HIV, HPV HSV, and hep b. They're not usually included in your average sits. Nowadays, many STIs are finding a supporting and caring partner on an Online Herpes dating site that is only for herpes, HIV, HPV HSV singles. You can also get inspired by my success stories of sti's people.

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