In mediumship, channelling is the process of directing, routing, or feeding information from the world of the infinity to the corporeal world. It is also a procedure of staging a perfect atmosphere to attract spirits to associate with the living even just for a few seconds which the living can extract vital information as to the unraveling of some mysteries, secrets, and queries that might have been left unrequited for some time.

Channelling is also associated with some kind of voodoo, black magic and witchcraft. For this kind of procedure can be used either in good or bad purpose, drive and intention. In mediumship, this type of technique is done first before the real interaction. It is yet the process of crossing the borders of another plane or dimension where the living is still not welcome. You have to be transformed into a phantasm of spectrum first to be able to cross the threshold into another sphere or dimension.

Mediumship is the process of interaction between two different worlds, the non-corporeal world and the carnal sphere, where spirits, angels, demons, and other unknown forces and entities do exist.

Channelling is the possessing of the physical body by an unknown entity while undergoing into a trance. While in the trance, the medium pass into an insentient state demonstrated by severe floppiness and droopiness.

As the unknown force or entity takes possession of the medium’s body, the medium’s voice will instinctively alter entirely. The entity replies the queries from the people present during the séance. Total interaction between two different worlds will take place in a very transcendental mood.

Channelling is some kind of a system of interaction between two different worlds but only the spirit will use the physical body of the medium performing the séance and through this a manifestation such as a change in the medium’s voice will take its place thereby putting the medium’s body in a trance, limpness and stupor.

Several mediums or channels go into a trance awake and alert or in a state of stupor, limpness or inertness, and start contact with a particular entity or group entities present in the séance. These beings are mostly life forces, souls, spooks or ghosts that are willing to connect and join links from another plane or dimension through the use of the medium or a physical body present in the séance.

In these situations, since a specific entity is being channeled, the knowledge and information will be passed on through the medium or the physical body being used and with it the spirit’s viewpoint, perception and the entity’s own standpoint will take over taking its rule and command at the moment. It would become a preconception way of interaction. Basically, channeling involves a contact from a loved who passed away from this world. The séance atmosphere will be transcended into a diverged sphere where two different worlds will converge in a manner that is unique, breathtaking and overwhelming. It would be best that the spook will be as comfortable and as welcomed to promote easy, wonderful and exhilarating séance.

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Rachel Ann is a Reiki Master and writes for the psychic & metaphysical industry, promoting the discovery of the personal spiritual path, awareness and self development.

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