Mediums who are clairsentient are not necessarily able to tell you what has happened in your past. They may not be able to predict the future or be able to discern when you will fall in love and marry. They can, however, sense things that are connected with questions you are asking them.
You may talk to mediums who are clairsentient, and tell them that you fear that you will never fall in love, and find the right person to marry. The psychic may immediately get a smell of flowery perfume or cigar smoke. These odors that come to the psychic may indicate that the person you are seeking is someone that often smells of flowery perfumes, or that they may be a smoker and smell of cigarette or cigar smoke.
These psychics often do not know they have a psychic ability at all. Many people think that their sense of smell is just so sensitive that they smell odors that other people miss. The truth may be that the odors exist on another plane than the one we live on so the other people that do not have this gift are not able to smell them.
Mediums who are clairsentient do not just smell things that other people cannot, they also get the feelings of other senses very strongly. While you are having a reading done by one of these powerful psychics and you are speaking about someone you have a connection with the psychic may begin to feel uncomfortable. Sometimes they feel pain, and sometimes they just feel uneasy. Generally this happens when the other person you are talking about has something about them that is not good for you. It could be their intentions, it could be their negative vibes, but it is definitely something you should consider.
Seeking out people with these extraordinary powers of feeling can help you understand other people in your life and the things that truly motivate them to do the things they do. People can confuse you and fool you with false words, false actions, and false claims, but they cannot as easily fool a medium that relies on the senses and the feelings they pick up from your aura.
When these professionals sense something is amiss it generally means you had better take a closer look at the other person and the relationship that you have with them. Most of the time when a person is leading you own by deceptive talk, deceptive actions, and deceptive practices, it is because they mean to take advantage of your trust in them in order to hurt you in some way. This can be devastating to discover, but it also can be a blessing to discover the truth.

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Rachel Ann writes for the metaphysical industry promoting a personal pathway of exploration via the use of energy readers such as psychics, mediums, astrologers and tarot readers.