There are countless meditation techniques out there,geared towards cultivating the mind and obtaining higher states of consciousness.We can divide these techniques into the following general categories:
A) Meditation involving concentration, or focus on a selected object of thought.The object of focus can be anything-it can be one's breath,the flame of a candle,a picture,a sound,etc.
B) Meditation involving observation without concentration on an object-observing the thoughts and images as they arise in the mind spontaneously,and letting them pass without manipulation and control.
C) A sitting meditation.
D) Meditation in motion,such as Yoga,Kung Fu and Tai Chi.
E) Meditation with the eyes closed,looking inwardly[like the famous statues of Buddha).
F) Meditation with the eyes open,looking outwardly.The eyes scan the environment near or far,or rest on one spot.

Each meditation technique has its own benefits,and some may be more suited for the temperament and inclinations of an individual.All meditation techniques are meant to lead the practitioner, eventually,to a state of mind that is calm and empty of thoughts.I recommend that you use the following technique,since it encompasses mind,body and spirit:Observe your breathing for a while-in and out...observe your thoughts for a while-they come and they go...observe your sensations for a while and the thoughts associated with them;and then let go of any observation.So,you shift from focus to no-focus. It's like playing with a ball:catch and let go...catch and let go.At some point the game would end on its own.There will be lulls of emptiness.Not even awareness.Not even breathing.Look for the space between your breaths.Look for the space between your thoughts.In this emptiness resides the I AM,which is beyond the mind. At first the lulls will be short and you may not remember them,because they will be empty. As time goes on, if you practice meditation regularly, the lulls of emptiness will become longer and longer. There will be nothing to remember other than a deep,peaceful silence. During your daily routines, you will notice that your awareness has increased and has sharpened.If you continue practicing,silence would become the regular condition of your mind and you will only think, when thinking is required.

Achieving a mind empty of thoughts is a form of mastery of the mind.Once you have stopped the internal dialogue,you will experience oneness with all that is,creativity and bliss.

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