I originally presented my Ageless Aging Meditation at an Anthony Robbins Life Mastery event guiding 3,000 people in discovering their youthful potential.

This powerfully simple meditation will enhance the youthfulness you already have; so, embrace this opportunity to change your life and discover your "youthful" potential. To begin, take a few deep breaths, slowly breathing in and out. Close your eyes, quiet yourself and let all your cares and concerns go. Imagine them vanishing. Now relax your body and slowly, from the tips of your toes to the top of your head, allow a deep sense of tranquility and peace to come over you. When you feel totally serene you are ready to create a blank screen in your mind's eye. I want you to think of yourself as an observer and begin to imagine someone at the age of 70, 80 or 90. Take time to visualize this person walking, talking, working and playing.

Imagine what this person looks like, see how much vitality they have or lack. Are they running or limping? Are their shoulders and spine straight or slumped? Is the head erect or hanging forward? Is their body strong or frail? Is this person out on the town with family and friends or in a health facility? Do they have a walker? Are they happy or depressed?

Now, come back to the present and open your eyes. Guess what? The image that you visualized was the projection of your future! Remember again how the image appeared. Was that image ideal, active, functional? Is that what you want to be at 70, 80 or 90? Do you like that image? If you do, congratulations you are living and will live a youthful life. If the image you envisioned isn't ideal, you need to re-create in your mind a better image -- one that is more youthful, happier, joyful, productive and loving.

Empowering a More Youthful Future
Now, take the opportunity to create and empower a more youthful future. Breath deeply, relax, clear yourself, and on the screen of your mind create an expanded vision of yourself at 70, 80 or even 90. Imagine living a vital and vibrant life. You are physically active--playing tennis, golf, hiking, making love, dancing, singing, whatever activities that you enjoy doing. Continue to image yourself mentally active--reading, conversing, playing Scrabble, completing crossword puzzles, studying a foreign language, watching Jeopardy, taking college courses, and learning new skills. Spend time envisioning your ideal activities with clarity and vividness.

As you envision this youthful future, allow yourself to feel the joy, lightheartedness, gratitude, excitement, anticipation, discovery, and adventure of living your youthful life. Immerse yourself in these youthful attitudes. Take all the time you need to fully experience these feelings and sensations. Root these feelings in your heart, mind, and soul. Merge your ideal vision with these positive feelings, and claim this youthful future as your own. You are what you believe you are. So, let's agree that from this moment on that we are vibrant, healthy, happy, contributing partners in our relationships, families, communities, and yes, even the world!

Remembering the New You
Whenever you feel a sense of non-youthfulness, heaviness, or lethargy, whenever you catch yourself feeling or thinking like you are "old" STOP and deliberately change your feelings to those of gratitude and gratefulness for life. Remember, the secret of living the good life is really so easy -- simply appreciate. You are the artist that creates the process, you are the sculptor that shapes the future. Certainly, by adopting new perceptions of how we age we pioneer the process: and, at 83 young years, I'm healthier, happier, stronger and more flexible than ever! As we challenge ourselves, we will challenge the aging process!

"How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?"
―Satchel Paige

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Mark Lamm

Consultant | Teacher | Mentor of Peak Performance, Wellness and Longevity Strategies

I am a synthesizer ― whether it's putting together a yoga series taught over many months into a single kriya or developing whole body and focused treatment protocols. Drawing from my yoga and Qigong background, I have spent more than 40 years developing the art and science of BioSync®, a deep tissue approach to somatics based upon the expressions of natural health as well as a deeply held spiritual worldview.
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