Synchronicity is actually related to probability. There are events that occur in life which have a small probability in life of happening, yet they happen. For instance you’re talking on the phone with a friend and you say something and they say to you, “I was just thinking that!” The chances of that actually happening are really small, yet it happens. Another example is perhaps you call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. You come across their number and you decide to call them and check to see how they’re doing. When you call them you find that their grandmother had died and they really needed someone to talk to; you coincidentally happened to call them and were able to comfort them in this time of need. Because of their unique occurrence and because it occurs between two people, these happenings are often difficult for science to study them. They’re outside of the realm of science but they aren’t outside of your own experience. Even though they aren’t scientifically provable they are to your own experience and sharing your experience with other people is a powerful way of validating or proving a point. While some points are proven scientifically others, such as these, validate an occurrence because you’ve experienced them and can share the information with others.

Synchronicity occurs when something happens out of the ordinary, generally between two people. The chances are miniscule yet it happens. You see it, you experience it, it’s very real and poignant to you but because it happened to you it can’t necessarily be validated by other people.
I’d like to share a story to illustrate an example of synchronicity. Years ago I was working with a woman who was very, very busy. I would encourage her to take time and slow down for herself. I remember telling her that if she didn’t learn to slow down there could be serious consequences to her behavior. I didn’t tell her to frighten her but I was truly trying to make her understand she needed to take time for herself, if only for her own well-being.

Shortly after I had reminded her to slow down, she was driving on the thruway and as always was speeding along in a hurry. A truck in front of her went out of control and started spinning around. The truck came within inches of hitting her and killing her. As the truck spun by her, barely missing her, she could see in big, bold, black letters the words “Slow Down”. To her, that was a message. If she didn’t slow down there would be consequences. Later she joked asking if I had put that sign there to remind her that she needed to slow down. Of course, I hadn’t had anything to do with that sign but it was truly a strange coincidence. This was a moment of synchronicity.

Perhaps you too have had an incident like this where the universe, God, conspired to send you a message and it was so loud and clear that it got your attention. What does this have to do with meditation? The central goal of meditation is to help you slow down, quiet your mind and be still. What may happen is that as you slow down, as you quiet your mind, what you may find is synchronicity in your life begins to increase. Because meditation is such a powerful change agent and so helpful in a plethora of ways to change your life, I wonder if the universe or God doesn’t give back to us to let us know that we are on the right track and remind us to keep meditating. Synchronicities happen a lot more often when you’re meditating.

There’s a person that can help qualify or validate or disqualify this claim that I’m making; this claim that when you meditate synchronicities begin to happen more frequently in your life. That person is you. What I encourage you to do is keep a notebook or file of instances of things that happen that are “coincidental” or out of the ordinary. As you commit to meditation more and more see if these synchronicities don’t happen with more frequency. I like the idea of writing them down because as they begin happening to you it seems that synchronicities happen but the universe seems to make them disappear from our minds. We may notice them but we don’t become attached to them, which is a good thing. However, in this case I’d like you to keep a journal of these synchronicities to prove to yourself and to me that synchronicities do increase as you meditate. You may find that synchronicity is another benefit of meditation. Much like how people will notice how much more relaxed and happy you are now that you’re meditating, this is a by-product of meditation. It’s a positive by-product that when you take the time to realize these things are happening you realize what a change meditation is making on your life.

If you’d be willing to suspend judgement for a little while and just give it a try. Meditate regularly, once in the morning and one in the evening and see if life doesn’t just flow better. See if synchronicities don’t just happen to occur more often in your life.

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