We lead a busy life in this world. To become a successful person in this planet, we struggle hard to keep up in this competitive market. In this struggle, we nearly forget our real identity or who we are.

It is because of this, our whole attention goes towards name and fame and we truly forget that this name and fame is not going to accompany us forever. It is no doubt that a good name and fame is required for us to lead a good life in this world. But, in the process of attaining it, we should not get our spiritual development hampered and end up in stress and mental anxiety.

So, it is required that our life be balanced with the importance given to the right thing in life and the rest follows without any doubt.

Using Mind

Have you ever wondered what the root cause of a problem that we face in our life would be? The answer would be really interesting. It is our own mind. Human mind is greatly evolved and no doubt it does wonders. But, it is the same mind that is the root cause of all the problems in this world.

We could terminate the process of mind creating problem for us by getting full command over the mind. This is possible through meditation. If you observe your thoughts for a while, you would realize that you have no control over the thoughts that come in. These thoughts create pleasure or pain in our life. When we are able to detach ourselves from these flow of thoughts, the thoughts could not have a strong impact on us. This is what could be attained with a right way of meditation.


Through meditation, the mind could greatly be transformed and transcended. As practitioner of meditation, it would be very easy to get command over the mind through which one could attain better command over this life that we lead.

Through meditation, we could not only gain a proper attitude to deal this world, but also the power to dissolve the struggles that come the way and move towards success in material plane.

Finding time

Finding time for meditation is one of the common concerns. We rarely get time for meditation or a calm place to meditate in this fast paced life. Where there is a will, there is a way, for sure. You could even sit for meditation for just 5 to 10 minutes, before you get to bed, when your home would be calm. Or you could find some time in the morning, just after getting up. Once you start rejoicing the benefits of meditation, you would find your own ways of finding time and you would love to meditate.

A last word

It is good to do meditation without any expectation. Yes. The right benefit would come for you without any doubt. Expectation spoils the benefits of meditation.

Author's Bio: 

Jeyaprakash explores different practices of meditation that would help in transcending the mind to achieve quick spiritual progress paving way to success in this world and beyond. Beyond peace and happiness, meditation paves way to liberation granting everlasting bliss.