Have you ever wondered why positive self-esteem seems so natural and effortless for some people, while others struggle daily with feelings of self doubt and inferiority? Would you believe that the solution to achieving a greater sense of confidence and positive self-esteem could be as easy as changing the way you speak to yourself?

The thoughts and words that circulate through one’s mind each day can have a powerful effect on their self-esteem. For example, when a person constantly doubts their ability in a given situation, uttering phrases like “I’m not good enough, smart enough or worthy enough,” they may actually begin to believe that it’s true. Without realising it, they may be sabotaging their chances of success and self-realisation before they’ve even had a chance to try.

Positive Self Esteem and Meditation

One way to combat the problem of negative self-talk and promote positive self-esteem is through meditation.

Meditation, a component of many religions throughout the world, especially in the Far East, is a relaxation technique in which the practitioner attempts to move beyond negative, reflexive thinking by clearing the mind of everything, except for what is happening in that precise moment. By freeing the mind of the regrets of the past and the worries of the future, meditation allows people to focus only on the present to achieve a greater sense of focus and self awareness.

The meditative act has two main components: focused, relaxed breathing and a mantra of positive self affirmations.

• Breathing. In meditation, practitioners are taught to focus only on their breathing and nothing else, helping both the body and mind to relax.

• Positive Affirmation. While the body is relaxed, and the mind is completely blank, positive affirmations can be used to replace former thoughts of negativity and self doubt. A simple slogan, such as “I am worthy,” or “I am powerful,” repeated over and over while in this relaxed state, can do wonders for self confidence and positive self-esteem.

As you can see, sometimes attaining positive self-esteem can be as simple as the words and thoughts that regularly pass through your consciousness. If you struggle regularly with feelings of self doubt, and are looking for a way to replace these thoughts with more productive and self-affirming ones, meditation can be a great tool.

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My name is Kate and my passion is helping others to overcome shyness, improve confidence and self esteem and lead fuller lives.
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