Meditation is not just good for the body and for the soul; it can also help you create wealth and success in your life. The practice of meditation has been used for thousands of years to connect with something larger than ourselves. In addition, western medicine has embraced for many years that meditation is a powerful tool for lowering stress, reducing chronic pain, and even lowering blood pressure. However, good health and inner peace are just the beginning in terms of the benefits offered by meditation. The bottom line is, people who meditate are more successful and prosperous than those who don’t.

When you’re wide awake your brain waves vibrate at what scientists call the Beta frequency. As you fall asleep, your brain frequency slows down until it gets all the way to the Delta level. However, before you reach Delta—while you’re still at a light sleep--you enter the Alpha range. It has been scientifically shown that Alpha is the frequency you enter when you’re meditating; that is, this is the state where the power of the subconscious mind resides.

The Silva Life System is a brand-new revolutionary program based on the remarkable principles of the Silva Method, the world’s most popular meditation program. This system will teach you how to enter the Alpha level, at will, within 60 seconds flat. The Alpha level is the state where the power of the unconscious mind resides.

Some of the benefits experienced by those who practice the Silva Life System are the following:

• This program will easily and effortlessly take you to deep states of meditation.
• It will bridge the gap between the logical left-brain and creative right-brain to create increased productivity.
• This system will boost your learning ability, memory, intuition, creativity, and your ability to focus, concentrate, think more clearly, and solve problems.
• The Silva Life System melts stress away and reduces its harmful effects on your health and general feeling of well being.
• It will improve your mental and emotional health.

In addition, research has shown that affirmations and visualization are more effective at the Alpha state. Not only does the Silva Life System teach you how to meditate, it also teaches creative visualization. In fact, Shakti Gawain, author of the best selling book “Creative Visualization”, has said about the Silva Method, “I took the Silva Mind Control course and was amazed.”

Once you use the Silva Life System to learn how to meditate, as well as to learn creative visualization, you can attract wealth into your life by forming a clear mental picture of what you wish to manifest while at the Alpha state. Then you continue to focus on this image until it becomes objective reality. You can visualize yourself living in your dream home, driving a luxury car, taking luxurious vacations, or anything else you desire. By making meditation and creative visualization a constant part of your life, you’ll be able to create the life of your choice, with all the wealth you desire.

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