Risperidone ia s prescription medicine used for the treatment of schizophrenia, bipolar mania, manic depression and autism. This medication belong to the class of drugs known as benzisoxazole derivatives. Risperidone drug is an antipsychotic medication. This medicine works by changing the effects of chemical in brain. Risperidone is also used to treat the symptoms of of irritability in autistic children. This medicine can be used for other purpose as not mentioned on the label of the medicine.

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What information should i know before using Risperidone medicine?
Before usinf Risperidone medicine you should know some important information about Risperidone. It is a prescription medicine and should be used as prescribed by the doctor. Do not use this medication if you are allergic to it or to its ingredients. If you are having kidney disease, a history of heart attack, a history of breast cancer, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, liver disease, heart disease, heart rhythm problems, a history of low white blood cell, high blood pressure, seizures or epilepsy, a history of suicidal thoughts and trouble swallowing you should not take this medicine with your proper concern from the doctor.

Can i take this medication during pregnancy?
The report of Food and Drug Administration use of Risperidone medicine is not recommended in pregnant and breast feeding mother. In pregnant and breast feeding mother use of it may harm the the unborn and nursed child. If you become become pregnant during your treatment you should immediately consult your doctor. Do not take this medicine without consulting your doctor.

Does Risperidone medicine interact with any other drug?
Risperidone medicine do interact with many drugs. You should inform your doctor or health care professional if you are taking any prescription, non prescription and herbal medicine. Do not take Risperidone drug with other drugs like phenobarbita, antihistamines, sedative-hypnotics, clozapine, alcohol, phenytoin, fluoxetinerifampin, opioids, carbamazepine, and levodopa, other dopamine agonists as some serious side effects may cause.

Should i avoid drinking Alcohol during treatment?
Alcoholic drink should be avoided during treatment with this medication. Use of Alcohol with Risperidone drug may interact and may cause some serious side effect.

How Risperidone medicine should be taken?
Risperidone medicine should be taken with a full glass of water with or without food. Do not increase or decrease the dose of the medicine without consulting your doctor or health care professionals. The oral solution of Risperidone should be mixed with water, low fat milk, coffee and orange juice, do not mix the oral solution with tea. The dosage recommended for Risperidone in adults is 2 mg per day. Try to take this medication at the same time each day. You should always take this medication as it is prescribed by the doctor.

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