This article provides all the necessary information required to avail of the benefits of a Medicare plan in Florida.

These plans are for providing you maximum healthcare benefits. These are closely associated with basic Medicare facilities to cover the needs of your health. These policies are sold by private insurance companies in Florida to help you obtaining medical facilities. They are called Florida Medigap plans. If a person has Medicare supplement Part A, then his deductible is paid by the company. 

Eligibility criteria

It requires the age of 65 to sign for the Florida Medigap supplement plan. The enrollment in part B of the Medicare program is also necessary. Those who are under Medicare advantage plans are not eligible for the Medicare supplement plans in Florida. You have to get enrolled in part B as soon as you reach IEP i.e. Initial Enrollment Period. It comes around your 65th birthday. If you do not sign in this program, then you will have to pay a late enrollment penalty. 

You can sign after IEP, but in that case, the penalty amount will be added to your insurance premium every month. The more you will wait, the higher is the penalty amount. If you are working with an employer, then only you can avoid the penalty by enrolling after the coverage ends. You can still qualify because of guaranteed issue rights. These are some important rules to be a part of a supplement plan in Florida. If you are under Social Security Disability or are receiving Railroad Retirement Benefits for more than 24 months, then you will get enrolled in Medicare part A and B. In Florida you can sign for any Medicare supplement plan. But the premium differs from that of the person with age above 65. 

Enrollment in a Medicare supplement plan Florida

When you get to the age of 65, from the first day, you enter in the OEP i.e. Open Enrollment Period, you will get the benefits at the best rate regarding Medigap policies. You also sign up for Medicare part B. you can manage your Medigap policy and your part B coverage at the same time. The main advantage of signing up a supplement plan during OEP is the Guarantee Issue right. As the insurance company has to issue you a policy, they cannot charge you extra. The beneficiary can avail Guaranteed Issue rights for two months after the termination of health insurance sponsored by the employer. So, you need to buy a plan at this time only. Because if you buy a plan at some other time, you will face a hard time. You will pay more according to your situation. 

Premiums for Medicare supplement Plans

The insurance company charges a handful amount of premiums every month. This amount varies from companies to companies. It may also depend upon your age, sex, and location. The rates of Miami and Orlando may vary. The amount may differ due to the pricing method of the insurance company. There are three types of premiums:


It is a system under which everyone pays the same amount irrespective of the age. This amount does not vary according to age.


This type of pricing determines your age when you asked for the policy and the time the plan was issued. This amount varies among different persons. It is also called as Entry Age Rate.


In this type of pricing your premium will go up as you get older. In Florida, the system of Issue-age-rate is followed. The main advantage is that you do not have to pay more as you grow older. 

Best Medicare supplement plans

There are many Medicare supplement plans offered by insurance companies in Florida. Some of them are described below. 

Plan F

It is the best and the most comprehensive supplement plan. It has a low premium and offers maximum benefits. It exhibits high deductibles.

Plan G

It does not cover part B deductibles, still provide you with many benefits. It costs less than Plan F. it is also one of the most popular plans in Medicare plans. It provides many additional benefits similar to Plan F.

Plan N

It is a cost-sharing plan. It demands small copayments for emergency room visits. It is not as demanding as Plan F.


A supplement plan provides you with security regarding healthcare. These plans work best for you after reaching an age of 65. They support you by filling the gaps between your basic Medicare programs.

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