What is Medicare Advantage Plan?
Medicare advantage plan is a set of plans that are said to be the alternative to original Medicare.

Medicare advantage plan is also known as a PART C or MA PLAN as to the next of PART A and PART B Medicare plan.
Just like the original Medicare, Medicare advantage plan lies under the private sector as it offers a number of Medicare services that are generated or issued by private sector affiliated companies. These companies try to provide wide range of healthcare aka Medicare services on private basis by facilitating you with a low cost healthcare program.

Mostly, Medicare advantage plans are highly accountable towards PART D as it covers drug segment.

Critical view regarding Medicare advantage plan:
Critics are like everywhere no matter what. Somehow, whilst different Medicare advantage centers are trying their best to serve their registered enrollees in lowest possible cost out of their pocket, however, critics somewhat find it brutal to charge different as compared to original Medicare. Especially democratic members of congress find it harsh and are strictly against this system. They say that this is not acceptable that these authorities mark their own payments possibly different to original Medicare. According to them, all aspects of Medicare advantage plan should be equal to those of original Medicare.

Following three aspects are briefly highlighted by the critics.
• INTACTED CONSIDERATION SYSTEM: Critics say that in Medicare advantage plan does not pay a good attention to their clients. They have a less fragmented system which means that they cover more than one patient at a time to save their own time and budget. Hence, there is a very high ratio of over hospitalization in order to consume bills or wealth. According to them Medicare provides it in better sense as it is semi government related.
• LOW TRAVELLING COVERAGE: Critics claim that Medicare does not or less provides the travelling coverage. Travelling coverage is a very important part of any healthcare program. Since, travelling coverage is highly presented by original Medicare. But, less convenience of travelling coverage makes it critiqued by some organizational authorities.
• HIGH COSTS: Original Medicare is comparatively less costly as compared to the Medicare advantage plan. Medicare also offers a lot of services along with travelling coverage in the same cost as equal to Medicare advantage plan.

Medicare advantage plans are one of the most admired healthcare services around the globe. According to a research, once in the career, Medicare advantage plan would no longer be active to serve for people who are under 55 in age. It’s also stated that sooner or later, the new amendments or policies can highly affect the growth and stability of Medicare advantage plan in the private market as compared to the original Medicare.

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Medicare advantage plan is also known as a PART C or MA PLAN as to the next of PART A and PART B Medicare plan.