After carrying out a meticulous hair loss restoration study at the Medicals Research Foundation Center Australia, it was discovered that Folicrex - a hair loss formula with krill oil ingredient and few other potent ingredients can help effectively solve hair loss problems.

Read on to find out about Folicrex hair loss formula and its active ingredients that make the whole difference.

Based on research, Folicrex has been found totally to outdo every other hair loss formula out there and this is due to its high potent blend of ingredients that helps restore full hair growth for people suffering hair loss, while also boosting health.

We have long believed that hair loss or bald head problems is as a result of hormonal imbalance, gene, age, or diet.
Well, Folicrex hair loss restoration formula with its premium quality ingredients has been put to test and fully proven to help address the root cause of hair loss, balding and unhealthy hair.
Folicrex also has zero side effects as it was found in the results collated from hundreds of people who used it.

What really is the real cause of hair loss?

Ignoring popular postulation, the actual cause of hair loss issues is connected with poor gut health.
Impaired gut microbiota impedes the metabolism of essential vitamins, as well as biotin.
Additionally, the gut microbiota blocks the hair follicles, hence blocking the possibility for new hair growth.
It also dries the scalp and triggers itching with other infections that weaken the hair strands.

Folicrex hair loss restoration formula is super rich in nutrients.
These premium ingredients help fight gut inflammation, and as a result, restore full hair that grows out naturally.

On speaking to Dr. Susan James - biologist at Medicals Research Foundation Australia - a research institute where comprehensive clinical test on the ingredients was carried out, it was found that Folicrex can help restore hair, nail, and healthy glowing skin.

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Folicrex: How does this hair formula Work?

Below is how Folicrex ingredients help to combat the root cause of hair loss, balding and other health related issues.

Boosts your overall health
While Folicrex targets your scalp and hair regrowth, it has also been found to help handle and minimize stress and anxiety. This helps you enjoy good quality sleep. Your immunity is also boosted as it supports better blood circulation within the scalp and entire body.

Folicrex shields against hair loss
This hair loss formula helps you maintain healthy hair in the long run. When properly used as prescribed for a period of 6 months, it can protect you from experiencing gut-related inflammation and hair loss.

It Rejuvenates Your Skin:
Folicrex does this by helping you eliminate inflammations. By healing your scalp, your hair root gains strength. Overall, it rejuvenates your skin and scalp, and boosts hair follicles.

Gut Inflammations get cleared off:
As you start taking Folicrex hair loss formula, its content starts interacting with your body system and in the process begins to combat harmful gut microbiota. This helps to minimize hair loss.

Folicrex triggers quick Hair growth:
When used as prescribed and regularly, it will help boost hair production. This triggers the cells of your scalp and helps them function better. This directly makes your new growing hair - stronger, thicker and shiny.

What constitutes Folicrex Ingredients?
Folicrex key active ingredients based on lab test includes the following:

Krill Oil - major ingredient
Based on lab test, Folicrex contains a highly potent ingredient called krill oil. This oil contains the exact formula that helps combat gut inflammations. Krill oil functions as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory component. It also contains omega-3 which helps in stopping hair loss. This oil actively helps enrich your scalp. Krill oil helps in strengthening the hair strands and follicles. In all, this folicrex ingredient makes it super simple for you to grow new and radiant hair.

The main objective of this folicrex ingredient - Omega-6 - is to help nourish the scalp. This makes it very easy to grow new hair. Omega 6 also helps in enriching sebum production, stopping scalp dryness and combating the cause of itchiness.
With this ingredient, be sure your scalp will be fully protected from infections.

Folicrex ingredient: Behenic acid
This functions as an emollient and lubricant that helps moisturize your scalp and skin for longer periods. It also has a soothing effect on skin and shields your scalp from dryness.

This ingredient helps combat stress, boost blood circulation within your scalp. This folicrex ingredient protects you from hair loss as it helps boost your gut health and overall immunity.

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LN-9 Neuronic
The function of this folicrex ingredient is to strengthen your hair follicles, and fight against hair loss. More so, it helps absorb biotin and minerals into the hair.

Vitamins B12, E and A
This folicrex ingredient helps in clearing off infections and boost hair growth. It enriches the scalp and is proven to help make the mane stronger, thicker, and shinier.

Folicrex Dosage
Folicrex bottle has 60 capsules which should be taken daily. Simply take a capsule in the morning and one at evening with a glass of room temperature water.
It's totally safe and organic.
Based on thousands of case studies, it has been found to have zero side effects. Folicrex contains no stimulant and can't lead to addiction.

It is recommended to take at least 6 bottles to maximize its work on your scalp and provide you maximum protection from any future gut problem, so you enjoy healthy hair growth for the rest of your life.

It has been found to be completely safe to use even when you are on other medications.

In conclusion :
Folicrex has passed the test for successfully managing hair loss issues, including balding, itchy scalp, premature graying, among other issues.

READ more case studies about hair loss restoration with Folicrex, usage and testimonials at

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