Medical waste disposal

Medical waste disposal is one of the issues that has brought great concern for environment all over the world. The proper disposal and recycle can ensure better environment for us to live in. People do not realize that how cheap the whole process of caring about the environment can be. It is actually one of the most under rated things and health care services do not realize that how much money can be saved once the medical waste is recycled and becomes usable again. Hospitals have a big role to play in this regard.

Stats show that about 6,600 tons of medical waste disposal takes place each day in US, alone. And that is not even proper medical stuff, as it comprises of plastics, paper, glass and food. People do not realize that the right way of medical disposal can be so cheaper and easier. This medical waste can be easily recycled, and the world can be made a better place through that. The cleaning staff in the hospitals should be instructed to separate the recycle-able items and put them in separate containers, so that they can be re-used when recycled.

There is a greater power in the hands of the public which they can utilize well throughbanning the medical waste disposal services which do not ensure environment safe practices. This way when people would ban them, these companies will observe complete environment safe procedures and would consider recycling as an option for medical waste disposal on the request of the majority of public.

It should be noted that lack of proper medical waste disposal, can damage the environment as toxic chemicals and emissions are produced by combustion of the medical waste. The incinerators used to get rid of medical waste produce carcinogens in the air, which eventually effect the population. People should be aware of what can happen to them in the coming years all because of the medical waste that was disposed not the right way in the present age. It is crucial for hospitals to reinforce this environment friendly procedure so that it becomes a trend and medical waste disposal items can be recycled.

Many hospitals are in possession of the PBTs (bio accumulative toxins) that are used to clean up the hospitals. This is toxic stuff which compromises of the health of the individuals and is a source of pollution. Their argument for using these products is that it becomes really hard for them to look for environment friendly products to clean the hospitals.

People find it hard to use environment friendly things and go for the medical waste disposal solutions that involve recycle, because they are already in practice with one routine and it gets difficult for them to change their routine all of a sudden. Getting used to environment friendly stuff takes some time, and you should move on this path step by step. First try one environment friendly product, then the other, then another better one, and that’s how you become an environment friendly person.

Besides the fact that ensuring recycle of the medical waste in an environment friendly way can make the environment better, there is another advantage of such practices which involves economic benefits. It becomes much cheaper for hospitals to provide health care services when the medical waste is recycled and reused. Another advantage of recycling the medical waste is that the raw material is preserved to the most and reduce the amount of land fill sites. Altogether, as a result of recycling of the medical waste, no emission of greenhouse gasses, less burning of fossil fuels and conservation of raw materials is anticipated on a large scale. At this point when global warming is one of the major threats to the environment, the recycle and reuse of the medical waste has a huge contribution in preservation of an eco-friendly environment.

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