Medical supplies refer to non-durable disposable health care materials ordered or prescribed by a physician. It is the common term for medical equipment. For instance-it includes

  • Anesthesia- masks, breathing circuits, hyperinflation bags, epidural kits
  • Casting material- undercast padding, plaster wrap, casting tape
  • Dressings- wound dressings, bandages, wound dressing, dressing kits, medical tape
  • Operating room- towels, surgical instruments, packs, and table cover
  • Urinary- drainage bags, specimen containers, skin prep items
  • Skin prep- alcohol pads, soap, scrub brush, iodine applications
  • Monitoring- temp probes, BP cuffs, leads
  • Mobility aids- Wheelchair, walkers

Note- These are just a few examples. However, medical supplies are not limited to the above list of supplies.

Difference between durable medical supplies and medical equipment’s-

Durable medical supplies and disposable medical equipment’s are two different terms. You are not supposed to mix the two. Here are some basic differences between the two. 

As the name suggests, disposable medical equipment is used, and then thrown away. On the same token, durable medical supplies are for long-term use.

There are many different categories of medical equipment, and supplies. Some major ones are- electronic, surgical, diagnostics, and durable medical equipment.

Medical supplies used in common procedures-

In healthcare organizations, the cost of medical supplies is identified as the largest expenditure. With increasing pressure on healthcare organizations, medical supplies, and equipment manufacturers have become more prevalent online. 

So, there are many ways to get medical supplies in the hands of medical professionals, and patients.Here is a description of what type of procedures are most common, and what supplies are to be used?

  • I.V. Start Kits- The kits are common for starting the I.V. in the patient. Nowadays, distributors are selling their pre-packed I.V. start kits for this purpose. Some common supplies in the kit include-
  • Pre scrub, and alcohol pads. 
  • PVP ampule
  • Securement device
  • Gloves


  • Standard and general-purpose procedures- Such procedures are still primarily used by healthcare professionals on a patient. Following supplies are available in the kit-
  • Gloves
  • Compartment tray
  • Cotton balls
  • Other tools such as- scissor


  • Laceration procedure- This procedure treats cuts. Moreover, they clean, close, and protect them for repairs. Supplies often include-
  • Needles
  • Syringes
  • Medicine cup
  • Gauze


  • Procedures that diagnose- Remember, not all the procedures are performed to treat the patient. Some are performed to screen a patient for a diagnosis. 
  • Thermometer
  • Stethoscopes
  • Ophthalmoscopes
  • Electrocardiographs
  • Sphygmomanometers


  • Diabetes procedure- Supplies for diabetes patient includes-
  • Glucose meter
  • Hydrogel
  • Insulin syringes
  • Sharp disposal containers

Last Takeaways-

Medical supplies play a great role in the monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment of different kinds of medical conditions. There are many types of medical supplies such as- 

  • Consumable medical supplies
  • Testing supplies
  • Surgical supplies
  • Home health care, and many more

Finding a market place that specializes in medical supplies can save a lot of money.

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