If you are in the market for one of the most relaxing ways to relieve stress or to improve your appearance, the right medical spa may be just the solution you need. If you are looking for one of the top-rated medical spas in Santa Barbara, you are in luck because we have been able to find the perfect facility for your needs!

"We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of health and beauty treatments, which is why we are among the top-rated medical spas in Santa Barbara." We are one of only two top-rated medical spas in Santa Barbara. Our Santa Barbara medical spa santa barbara office offers several types of medical spa treatments including Botox, laser skin resurfacing, dermoidoplasty (a cosmetic procedure), liposuction, facial fillers, eyebrow lift, cheek lift, chin lift, non-surgically laser scar removal, brow lift and others.

Our office has been certified by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Our staff includes an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon and qualified medical assistants.

A facial procedure can be one of the most popular procedures offered at a medical spa, and is an important part of the treatment of many patients. An individual's face has a great deal to do with the way they feel and look. Facial fillers can improve the look of your wrinkles and improve the shape and color of your face. By getting the fillers done regularly, the look will be consistent and long lasting.

Non-Surgically laser skin resurfacing is another popular procedure. This procedure is often performed to remove age spots, and even fine lines and wrinkles. It works on removing years of dead skin and restoring the skin's elasticity.

Liposuction is an effective way to remove fat from the body, and is often the first thing a patient is told they need to get rid of. Lips are an area that people rarely pay attention to, but when they start to sag it's because of old age. With the help of a liposuction you can reduce the fat content of your lips and replace it with lean muscle. This procedure is quick, easy and painless.

Microdermabration is a procedure used for the treatment of spider veins and is one of the highest rated procedures we offer. Microdermabraze is used in conjunction with other procedures to treat spider veins. This procedure is a very effective treatment for spider veins.

In order to increase the look of the eyebrows and forehead, we perform a brow lift and brow implant. Both procedures can help to increase the firmness of the forehead, improve the natural line of the face, and increase the appearance of the eyes.

Facial fillers can make you appear younger, by plumping up your cheeks, and increasing the volume of your lips. Fillers can also make your lips appear fuller and tighter.

An eyebrow lift is also known as a brow lift, and is usually done to correct the asymmetry in the face. Eyebrow lifts are not invasive procedures and only take a little time to do.

A brow lift takes the upper part of the eyebrow out and reshapes it so it looks more symmetrical. When the brow lift is completed, you can then fill the remaining part of the eyebrow with rhinestones.

A brow implant is an ideal procedure if you want to make your eyes look bigger. When you have a brow implant, the surgeon makes a small hole in the eyebrow and inserts a device called an ETR (elastic band). After filling the hole, a thin device is placed beneath the upper eyelid to create a more natural appearance, and give it a more defined look

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