When we hear about marijuana, one thing that strikes us is intoxication. It is also known as cannabis. This herb has now been discovered by medical research as a medicinal herb. This herb is now used to cure many chronic diseases, as well as some life-threatening illnesses. This is a magical herb that has restored many lives by curing their illnesses.

An agent called CBD or cannabidiol present in the marijuana plant is extremely beneficial for human well-being. The oil extracted from this plant known as CBD cannabis oil cures alcoholism, antibiotic-resistant infections, arthritis, chronic pain, depression, diabetes, epilepsy, MS, post-traumatic stress disorder, and disorders neurological. The most incredible discovery of cannabis is the ability to cure cancer.

Cannabis oil, the best-known marijuana product, cures many diseases along with the deadliest disease, cancer. A type of cannabis oil that has a particular ratio of THC and CBD helps cure cancer. The oil is known as RSO or Rick Simpson Oil. The oil is named after a Canadian citizen Rick Simpson who discovered the cancer-curing ability of cannabis oil. So, to buy Cancer Healing Marijuana Oil RSO online, log in to the getricksimpsonoil.com website.

RSO Cancer Treatment On June 15, 2009, the compound α-CbT was discovered to suppress the exit of nicotine receptors and expanded apoptosis. Obviously, changes in the qualities that encode the nicotine receptors can drive the desire to smoke and generate helplessness to a cellular degradation also in the lungs. Openness to nicotine will support the assertion of nicotine receptors that it represses apoptosis. Subsequently, this new malignancy therapy that designated nicotine receptors using α-CbT can prevent the creation of cell degradation in the lungs. Α-CbT did not influence non-cancer cells.

Decrease radiation damage by blocking CD47 expression.

On October 21, 2009, specialists from the National Cancer Institute showed their commitment to investigating the disease by promoting a technique that protects healthy tissues from the damaging effects of radiation therapy for malignancy. Previous research on malignant growth showed that mice lacking CD47 are immune to radiation damage. Along these lines, the analysts infused a specialist who suffocated the CD47 joint during radiation. They showed that this can protect typical cells from radiation damage.

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