Drugs which have potentials to sustain life in medical emergencies are known as lifesaving drugs. Usually, these drugs are administrated in extreme level emergency to serve mankind and avoid further complications. Usually, emergencies are caused when a patient suffers from anaphylactic shock, myocardial infarction, cardiogenic shock, peripheral circulatory collapse, status epilepsy, and acute respiratory failures and many more. In this situation, lifesaving drugs play a vital role in saving patients life.

Below listed are some of the important lifesaving drugs:

Anaphylactic shock:-
Anaphylactic shock is an uncommon allergic reaction caused by an allergy to a certain food or insect bites which leads to severe reactions and death if not treated with proper medication.
Injection Epinephrine Hydrochloride and Injection Sodabicarb are mostly used to treat Anaphylactic.

Myocardial infarction and cardiogenic shock:-

Cardiogenic shock is a condition in which your heart suddenly lowers the level of pumping blood. It is a very rare condition most often caused by a severe heart attack but if treated with proper medication in time there are very high chances of a patient’s survival.
Injection Isoprenaline, Injection Amino Caproic Acid, Injection Streptokinase are some of the lifesaving drugs used to treat Cardiogenic shock & Myocardial infraction.

Peripheral circulatory collapse:
Peripheral circulatory collapse involves arteries and veins in the body which result in organ failure, gangrene, or other serious failures. This type of collapse is usually called peripheral circulatory collapse, peripheral vascular failure, shock or peripheral vascular shutdown.
Injection Dopamine Hydrochloride, Injection Glucose 25 percent, and I.V. Normal Saline are used as a lifesaving drug.

Status epilepticus:
It is a medical emergency caused by seizure which hits for up to 5 minutes and if there are multiple seizures within that 5 minutes duration then it is very difficult for the consultant to treat it with medicines. Status epilepticus is a life-threatening medical emergency particularly if treatment is delayed in time.

Injection Phenytoin Sodium and Injection Diazepam are used to treat status epileptics.

Acute respiratory failure:-
This type of respiratory failure appears when a certain amount of fluid is built up in the lungs air sacs. In this situation, lungs can’t release enough oxygen into your blood which results in a severe medical emergency.
Injection Nikenamide and Oxygen gas I.P/B.P are used to treat this kind of failure.

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