Over the years, our bodies develop aches and pains and at times we never know what the cause of these troubles are. In order to sort these issues out we turn to modern medicine for assistance and will often be referred to a selection of creams, ointments and various other concoctions which may not be completely helpful. Fortunately, many muscular aches and pains can be soothed with the healing powers of massage. Even better, this can be done from the comfort of a seated position with the Medical Breakthrough massage chairs.

The insane technology which is featured in these chairs identifies points of pressure and stress running through your body and adapts how it functions to massage these points in particular. This results in a massage which runs all the way from your neck down to your ankles – at each point making contact with the Medical Breakthrough massage chair. Whether you are enjoying the multifocal experience of the chair from home or from their various massage lounges, the health benefits on offer really seem to be worth the price.

On Amazon, the Medical Breakthrough massage chair reviews look to be coming in strong and fast with an overall appreciation for the power of this product.
David Langtry celebrates his purchase of the chair when he says: “I have used this chair daily since it arrived. It massages perfectly and after 2 sessions each day it relaxes me and I end up taking a nap afterward. It is the best purchase I made last year. I only gave it four stars because the instructions aren't good and it's been trial and error how to adjust the massage functions to give the best massage. I'm 6'1" and 220 lbs. I fit well but it you're someone larger than 250 lbs or taller I would get a different model from Medical Breakthrough. Great value for the price.”

A second review, this time from Joe Kozacek, also offers a glowing opinion, stating: “After owning another chair in the same price range, this is by far years beyond competitors for simplicity, craftsmanship/quality performance, and features. That is just speaking about the product , but to top it off the customer service is superior to anything I have ever experienced. I have never felt so relaxed than after a session in this chair and I have never fell asleep as I have in this chair. You will not be disappointed and its future upgrades are also a plus. Very Happy Customer”.

While these are only a couple of the Medical Breakthrough massage chair reviews which have been received, there are many other positive opinions out there. That’s not to say that the product is perfect. There have been some Medical Breakthrough massage chair complaints, but they tend to revolve around issues of installing the product.

Both Marlene W and Tim H had said that they had issues figuring out how the Medical Breakthrough massage chair was intended to be put together, but once they had spoken to a representative of the company, they were able to get up and running and enjoying their massages. More importantly, they no longer have medical breakthrough massage chair complaints!

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This article is penned by Lora Davis for Medical Breakthrough. They are small medical equipment company that's created a medical breakthrough with their unique pain relieving massage chair! Its really - Finally, a Medical Breakthrough.