The media and entertainment industry is rapidly growing and have turned into a proactive sector to adopt digital transformation. With the advent of advanced technologies such as VR and AR, new ways have been introduced which includes streaming and online apps.

They offer innovative ways to access the online content including games, videos, music, and news. The advanced solutions also help to overcome the traditional challenges such as time limitations and language barrier. In recent times, new market players have emerged like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

In this blog, let’s discuss about the latest trends, which are playing a vital role in media and entertainment IT solutions.

Trends in Media and Entertainment Industry

1) Fifth Generation
5G is the updated wireless network connectivity and provides better speed than its previous version 4G. In both the media and entertainment industry, it is playing a significant role and contributing in delivering the content with high quality as well as performance. This technology ensures to reduce maintenance, downtime, and energy consumption.

2) Live Streaming
Live streaming is gaining immense popularity among the users. It offers an opportunity to connect with customers directly and also to create strong relationship bonds with them. Many top brands have also opted for the social media live streaming to promote their products, interact with users, and sort the queries out
It is considered as a strong and effective marketing strategy to connect with the users. Apart from this, the entertainment industry is enabled to promote their upcoming movies and shows through different social media platforms and reach to the wider audience.
With live streaming users can also share their views and opinions regarding the content and other processes.

3) Security
Similar to other industries, security has become a major concern and the same is being reflected in the media and entertainment sector as well. Now, on the online platforms to access content users have to provide their personal information including name and contact details. In this case, it is the responsibility of the authorities that the user information should be fully secure and get misused in any case.

The online retail and media solutions should be highly secure and encrypted with the latest security technologies. Along with this, for the premium services, users have to provide their banking based confidential information such as credit and debit card details. With the help of advanced technologies, online entertainment and media based applications would become fully secure as well as trusted.

4) AR and VR
AR and VR has already made its way towards the media and entertainment industry. The predominance of these technologies has already been witnessed in the gaming industry. Mobile game solutions are wrapped with both these technologies and able to provide unique virtual experiences to the users. In the gaming industry, it has turned as must have technologies and now different production house also prefer to opt for it to deliver immersive user experience as well as to attract user’s attention.

5) Cloud
Just like other industries, cloud technology will spread its footprints in the media and entertainment industry also. It helps to store and manage content in an accurate as well as secure manner. Presently, in the media and entertainment industry native cloud applications are in high demand. This is how content owners can manage their data and offer seamless experiences to their users.

6) Ad Based Business Models
Advertisements have also made their new ways towards online platforms. Now, AVOD (advertisement-based video-on-demand) monetization model is a new way to promote the products and services. Presently, it is in trend also it means that before watching any video users have to watch the time limited ads on the different online platforms. This strategy was started by Youtube and later on adopted by all the online streaming applications.

In the digital era, it is the best way to reach a wide range of users and even different platforms can also conduct surveys to know the feedback of the customers.

Media and entertainment industry is growing rapidly and offering advanced functionalities to meet with the virtual digital era. In this blog, we have listed some of the trends, which are going to dominate both this industry for the upcoming year.

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