Call centers are fast becoming important assets for many growing businesses. They effectively handle administrative tasks and nurture relationships with customers while at the same time freeing the company to focus on more important business matters. It is important however, to monitor each facility’s performance and know how it affects and contributes to the success of your business.

Measuring a call center’s effectiveness can be tricky. Each place has its own goals, needs, standards and expectations. Since most providers serve different clients, these qualities should be flexible and versatile enough to meet the differing requirements of each contract.

One measure of performance call centers use is AHT, or average handling time. This is the average time it takes for an agent to resolve a customer’s query. This figure isn’t currently given the attention it deserves, but it still remains as an effective method to direct operators to deal with callers within a certain time frame. Less time spent on any one single customer leads to better business efficiency.

Another tool used to judge a call center is the FCR or first call resolution average. This measures how many issues were resolved within the first contact with a customer. It’s considered as one of the more important statistics. Studies show that with every improvement in FCR, customer satisfaction increases. Once a problem is quickly addressed, the agent then has an increased chance of making a sale. You also get a more satisfied agent; dealing with an irate customer whose issue wasn’t fixed the first time can be extremely stressful and unsettling.

Customer satisfaction is arguably the most important figure in the industry and a high rating in this category is what every call center strives for. It is derived from the quality of products and services that a center provides. It is a very good way of measuring how well a center is performing. If you get unsatisfactory results here, it means that there is a lot you have to fix in the way you conduct your operations.

These are just a few ways of measuring the performance of a call center. The quality of the metrics used, analyzing the results, studying the areas for improvement, and taking the necessary steps in resolving various issues can greatly contribute to guiding a center towards the direction of success and growth

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