Measuring Success is the best way to optimize the marketing process and marketing campaigns' success in the measurable count with the help of key performance indicators (KPIs).
Then, you can spend marketing expenses on the most effective marketing activities to achieve marketing success. Here are some common KPIs that you should measure for each campaign, regardless of type, channel, or medium.

There are some points of metrics such as best indicators of marketing success.

Rate of Investments
Cost per lead
Website traffic growth with KPI
Visitor-to-lead conversion rate KPI
Sales-qualified leads generated KPI
Opportunities (or pipeline revenue) generated KPI
New customers generated business outcome you got from a customer

How Digital Marketing metrics effectively measured for brand success?

Mostly everyone thinks about how leads and sales measure success but not every time not only sales count will success be a key point of growth. In some points, your conversion is also the most effective part of the measurable count.

There are some key point you need to ask your business metrics such as
Organic traffic
Social Media reach
Email click-through rate

This all information you will get from the google analytic but instead of this you need to be updated with the daily weekly and monthly basis of your checking points, which helps to increase the brand awareness of your business, and your daily changes will help you to fix out your next step from a success point of view.

Branding requires a strategy to communicate who you are and why people should care. Marketing will be executed according to the brand strategy and how to build brand awareness. Nowadays, especially through digital marketing. Digital marketing activities can of course be tracked through digital indicators. Therefore, your brand promotion work is also possible!

Website traffic
Traffic Source
New visitors
Returning visitors

Therefore, measuring website traffic metrics on a regular basis will provide you with many insights, such as which campaigns are working and when.

Tips for sending more traffic to your website:

Use relevant keywords to optimize all pages on the website
Always post in-depth content on your blog
Promote your content on social media channels
Create targeted ads on the landing page of the offer

This useful website traffic indicator can tell you exactly where your website visitors come from. Since there are countless types of marketing platforms available and limited time to utilize all of them, the "flow by source" indicator is worth paying attention to.

The value of this dual indicator is that it can help you determine the relevance of your website content over time. Multiple visits may indicate that you are providing information that people think is so valuable that they keep coming back.

Create and publish valuable blog content that can be naturally found through search engines

Use Twitter to promote blog posts and add 1-2 related hashtags

After publishing new content, send email explosions to your subscribers
Here are the four main sources of website traffic tracked by Google Analytics:

Organic search: These users clicked on the links on the search engine results and brought them to your website.

Direct visitors: These users directly enter your URL in the search bar, or add it as a bookmark and return to visit.

Referral: After clicking the link of another website, these users will be sent to your website.

Social: These users visited your website after finding your social media profile or content.

The conversion rate of Website business success measure,
On actual sale, Subscriber, download, lead generated, and many more metrics.
The social presence will help to measure success on the clicks, likes, shares, comments, and retweets of your business post.
Click-through rate (CTR) can be used as an email marketing indicator as well as a paid advertising indicator. The clicks of an email explosion are usually the highest driving force for a full conversion.
Cost-per-click (CPC) applies to both pay-per-click marketing and many social media platforms that provide click-to-web advertising types.
The cost per conversion is completely related to your personal business model and is usually related to your personal online marketing activities. As mentioned earlier, not every metric is relevant to every campaign. If you do not directly convert sales online, then this may be an overlooked goal.
Your cost-per-acquisition (CPA) only makes sense if you have repeat customers. This applies not only to subscription-based businesses, but even e-commerce sites. Consider how the private golf community calculates CPA with the knowledge that members pay monthly dues.

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