Numerology is a great way to learn about the vibrations of each of the numbers and how they affect your life. Each person has a destiny number which is derived from their date of birth as well as a directional number which is derived from their time of birth. Understanding these numbers can reveal your soul’s purpose as well as how you go about accomplishing that purpose.

The number seven is a very interesting number and is quite different from all the rest. It is a deep and unaccountable number which is very significant.

Those with a destiny number seven tend to have great wisdom as well as be dark and mysterious.

If you think about the significance of the number seven, there are seven days in the week and seven major planets. Seven stands for wisdom and perfection.

One thing that is always common with those who have a destiny number seven is that many of their great qualities are kept hidden from view. Consequently they are rarely understood or appreciated by the average person.

Seven’s are studious, knowledgeable and quite often great talkers. However they have a deep and buried insecurity that tends to hinder their self-expression and can cause them troubles throughout their lifetime.

The number seven is very much linked to imagination and many people with a destiny number seven tend to have great daydreams as well as a wicked sense of humour. They also tend to possess uncanny mental powers and abilities.

Although very sociable, seven’s tend to be possessed by loneliness and unhappiness. They seek solitude yet have trouble if they find it.

It is worth noting that a destiny number seven person can find great power in quiet meditation and is something that can greatly help if incorporated into their life.

Positive Attributes of 7

Unfortunately very misunderstood, the number seven has some great positive attributes including:

Analytical, intuitive, truth seeking, love of nature, knowledgeable, good people person, spiritually independent, and will always help a friend out.

Negative Attributes of 7

The negative attributes of a destiny number seven come sometimes outshine their positive attributes. If you are a person with a strong seven then it is important to embrace your positive side and not keep it hidden from view. The negative attributes include:

Sceptical, sarcastic, cynical, deceptive, withdrawn, fault finding, nervous, and self doubting.

Understanding the vibration of each number and how it relates to your life can provide great insight. A great way to learn more about your soul’s purpose and the positive and negative cycles within your life is to get a numerology reading done. This way you can always refer back to it in times when you need guidance and understanding.

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