There are many questions that someone can have throughout their life, and one thing that they can think about is what the meaning of life is. This could be something they think about from time to time, or it could be something that ends up consuming their whole existence.

The mind likes to ask questions, and once one question has been answered, it is likely to come up with another. But while some questions can be answered relatively quickly, there are others that can take a while to be answered.


However, even if one does receive an answer to a question, it doesn’t mean they will stop asking the same question. For instance, they might hear an answer and it might not have much of an effect on them.

There may be people around them who are convinced that it is the right answer, but that might not mean anything to them. Part of them may feel as though it is not the answer that they are looking for.

One Option

This could then cause them to put the question to one side and to carry on with the rest of their life. And from time to time, they might start to wonder what the answer to their question is.

There may come a point in time where they start to look for the answer again, and this means that they may end up finding what they are looking for. Yet, the search could go on and on, and one may wonder when they will find the answer.

Another Option

Alternatively, one might not be able to put the question to one side, and this could mean that they continue to look for an answer. In this case, it won’t matter if an answer doesn’t feel right, as they won’t just give up.

Therefore, no matter what happens or how long it takes, they will continue to look for the answer. If they don’t find what they are looking for after a certain period of time, it might encourage them to look within themselves, and to come to their own conclusion.

A Bit of Both

When this happens, one can listen to what other people have to say, and they can then take the time to reflect on what they have heard. Through taking this approach, other people will provide them with food for thought; but that’s as far as it will go.

If one was a clone as opposed to an individual, it wouldn’t matter what they did. But as they are an individual, it is only natural for them to want to come to their own conclusion when it comes to what the answer is.

The Meaning of Life

When it comes to what the meaning of life is, there are many answers out there, and while some of these are well-known, there are others that are not. One may come across people who say that the meaning of life is to be happy and to make other people happy.

They may also hear that it is all about finding one’s purpose, and then to make the world a better place once they have found it. Another view can be that life has no meaning other than the meaning one gives it.

A Reason

It could be said that if one wants to know what the meaning of life is, it’s because they feel as though their life has no meaning. As a result of this, they are likely to wonder why they are here, and this can then cause them to suffer.

When one is living a life of meaning and they are engaged with life, they are unlikely to wonder what the meaning of life is. If this was something that crossed their mind or if someone else was to ask them, they are going to have an answer.

A Closer Look

While one could look outside for meaning, they are unlikely to get very far, and this is because the meaning they will see will relate to what other people have created. Now, this doesn’t mean that one can’t be inspired but what other people do, but what it does mean is that one can’t do the same thing.

For instance, if one was to draw a picture of a tree, they would need to look at trees or images of tress. However, in order for them to create something that is unique, they will need to bring forth what is within them.

Going Within

Therefore, in order for one to find meaning in life, they will need to be in touch with their own needs and feelings. And this is something that will take place through being in touch with their body.

During this time, it won’t matter what is going on in their mind, and this is because their mind won’t have a purpose. The answer to their question will be found in their body and not their mind.


Therefore, if one is out of touch with their body and doesn’t know how they feel or what they need, it is going to be normal for them to wonder what the meaning of life is. In this case, they are going to be stuck in their head, and it will then be normal for them to see themselves as an observer of life.

The way for them to see themselves as part of life and to engage with it, will be for them to get back into their body. Unless they do this, it will be a challenge for them to find true meaning.


This is similar to one standing near to a swimming pool and asking someone what it is like. They are might end up being told that the only way for them to find out is to get into the pool.

One will need to get into their body to find out what the meaning of life is. All the time they are living on the surface of themselves, it is not going to be possible for them to find out.

How Did This Happen?

When one is disconnected from their body, there is likely to be a reason, and while this could relate to what has happened in their adult years, it could go back to their childhood. One of the primary reasons why one would disconnect from their body is because they have experienced trauma.

Being in their body is going to be too painful, and if this was something they experienced during their childhood, they may have always wondered what the meaning of life is. During these years, one may have been neglected and/or abused in some way.


If this is something one can relate to, it will be important for them to reach out for the right support, and this is something that can come from a therapist and/or a support group. Through this support, one will gradually be able to get back into their body.

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