Me and My Boyfriend Just Broke Up: You and Your Boyfriend Split Up but You Still Love Him

So you and your boyfriend broke up and now you're desperate to get him back. The thing is though, you are still so upset about the break up, that you can't even think straight, let alone think of ways to get back together again. You are tired of crying your eyes out and just know that if he is back in your life again, everything will be alright.

You DO sound desperate to get him back again! However, before you do anything stupid like calling him at all times of the day or night or something, I have to stop you in your tracks right here and now. No matter how desperate you are to see your boyfriend again, DON'T make any contact with him yet. It will ruin any chance you might have to get back together with him again.

You might also be harboring thoughts of trying to make him jealous in an effort to make him come back to you, but just forget about this as well. He'll think that you have moved on, and get on with his own life as well - without you in it.

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What you CAN do though, is let him see just how mature you are and how well you can handle this awkward situation. These are positive things that could make him think positively about you again. Get together with some of your friends and go out to take your mind off the break up.

If they talk to you about the break up, simply say that it was your ex's decision to end the relationship, and that you respect and accept this decision. If they try to get you to say bad things about your ex, don't do it. Everything that is said between you and your friends will get back to your ex.

At the same time, get yourself looking great again. This will get you two results - you will feel great because you look great, and word will get around to your ex about it as well. He will realize that you are not going to let something like a break up make you let yourself go.

Look after yourself, be positive, and behave with confidence - your ex will see all these good qualities in you, and who knows, you might just have a chance to get him back.

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After the breakup, you are feeling miserable, sad, and desperate. You want nothing more than to get your ex boyfriend back, but you must proceed with extreme caution or you could make a common relationship error that almost guarantees NO CHANCE at ever getting him back. As much as you want to call him to whine, cry, or beg, you must NOT chase your ex boyfriend.

He will likely not take kindly to this behavior. Attempts to contact him at this point and time, so soon after the breakup, is like to be ineffective and only cause to make things worse. It can easily begin to feel, to him, as though he is being stalked and this is never going to be a successful strategy to get your ex boyfriend back.

You naturally feel the urge to vent your emotions and "cry it out", but do not turn to your ex boyfriend for this support. This is where your friends and family can be of vital help to you. They can be the shoulder you can cry on and they will be more than willing to take on that role for you - that's what they are there for!

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To get your ex boyfriend back you need to try your hardest to move on with your life and live it to the fullest. Carry on as you always have - don't avoid places or your friends - and do your best to put on a smiling face and have a good time. If you run into your ex boyfriend while you are out on the town, great! But don't overreact, just be cool, calm, and collected, and be polite. You must keep the conversation short and sweet and act as though you are too busy to really take too much time for him.

This will throw him for a loop. He'll see you having an amazing time and this will remind him of how much fun you were to be with. Seeing you out and about - and always looking happy and as though you are having the time of your life - is going to get him rethinking his reasons for ending the relationship. He'll begin to remember the good times and also that oh-so-important little factoid - when he lost you he lost his best friend.

With patience and efforts to carry on your life as best you can, you can get your ex boyfriend back once and for all. He'll see the changes you've made and how much fun you are, and when he is ready, he'll call you. He'll likely remind you of what a great time you had together and suggest a meeting to consider giving the relationship a second go.

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Stop making the same stupid mistakes - There is nothing more annoying than someone who has been told what to change, what to do, and even has been helped to change; but they still persist to make the same mistakes. IF you fall into this category, then you must STOP; take a good hard look at your life right now, and change. If you do not change, you will lose your ex forever; but if you do change, your ex will have no reason now to argue against taking you back.

Date one of your ex's friends - This is a dirty trick, but it works. You can get close with one of his/her friends even for a short period of time, because all you need to accomplish here is jealousy. Your ex will get jealous, but it's like a domino's effect; where your ex will also fear losing you, and will also become angry at the fact that their friend is taking you away from them. So in the long run, it will make your ex chase you, just to prevent all of that.

Don't be easy anymore - Don't answer any calls from your ex right away, and don't talk to your ex for too long if you do. Always cut things short, and never show your ex too much attention; because the instant you start chasing your ex desperately again, is the moment when they start thinking you are easy. You do not want your ex taking you for granted anymore; which is why you need to stop being so easy.

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Apart from being heartbroken, hurt, and angry, you are also very confused as well, because for no apparent reason at all, your ex suddenly announced that the relationship was over and walked out. You want more than anything to know why your ex dumped you. Yes, this would be very confusing for you, but I must point out one thing - your ex didn't simply decide to end the relationship on the spur of the moment - there HAS to be a reason or reasons.

If your ex isn't talking to you at the moment, and ignoring all your calls and messages, then you need to find out these reasons some other way. You might be thinking that this is totally impossible, but it is not - there is one very good way to find out why your ex dumped you.

You and your ex have mutual friends right? Well then, this is how you are going to find what the reason are for your ex walking out on you. He/she will definitely have told one or two of your friends about the break up and why he/she walked out, so it is just a matter of talking to them, and you'll find out all you need to know.

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Just go out as you normally do with your friends and sort of just mention to them that you aren't bothered by the break up or anything, but you would really like to know why your ex dumped you. Listen carefully to what they tell you - take it all in and make a mental note to think about them later.

When you're at home on your own, think about what your friends told you. Could any of these things be the reason why your ex walked out on you? If they are, then make the decision right now to do something to fix them. They were obviously a problem to your ex, and will be to anyone else as well.

If fixing your mistakes doesn't do anything to get your ex back into your life again, at least you will know why your ex dumped you. Knowing your mistakes and fixing them means that they won't be a problem in any future relationships you might have, and you will be a better person for fixing them as well.

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