Are you on the fast-track to illness? The seeds of this debilitating condition may have already been sown, but it is not too late. You can stop things now and turn back towards health. In this article you will learn the two mental programmes which are the root of this debilitating condition. This could be the key to preventing years of illness for you!

Destructive Programming

Why is it that some people waltz through their lives, while others lose everything to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? The answer is simple. It is not what happens to you that matters, it is the way you see the world which determines your life. This is a result of your mental programming and conditioning.

Looking back on my own journey through ME, I realise that the roots of my illness were two distinct mental programmes. What is more, I can now see that these programmes were undermining my well-being for at least 15 years before I actually became ill. The ME was simply the last step on the path. Since my recovery, I have worked with many ME sufferers, and have found the same programmes in each and every one of them.

So, take this opportunity to look at yourself and find out whether you are on this path too.

1) 'I Must Be Perfect'

Does any criticism cut you to the core? If someone criticises you, do you agonise about it for days or even weeks afterwards? Do you consider any performance, which is less than perfect, to be a failure? This is not the same thing as demanding perfection around you; it has nothing to do with being obsessively tidy and organised. Rather, it is needing to be perfect in yourself.

Such conditioning usually takes place before the age of four. Something about their environment makes a child believe that they have to be perfect in order to be loved. Being loved is everything to the subconscious, and so this belief becomes part of brain's survival programming. As they grow to adulthood, their perceptions of the world change, but the conditioning received as a child will still colour their responses.

So, this is how your subconscious interprets life: when you are imperfect you are no longer loved, and this is a disaster. Therefore you are driven to put ever-increasing pressure on yourself, and strive for that perfection every day. The result of this is a diligent, hard-working, high-achieving person who pushes themselves harder and harder.

Of course it is impossible for your body to maintain this degree of pressure indefinitely. The resulting stress locks your mind and body into panic mode and it is only a matter of time before things start to crumble.

2) 'I Have to Control the Universe'

Do you feel that you are responsible not only for your own behaviour and performance, but also that of everyone else around you? Do you have to concentrate to keep those you care about safe when they are away from home? Do you feel that if you stop and rest, terrible things will happen? If this is you, then your subconscious is trying to control the Universe.

Now, this pattern is very interesting. Notice that I do not say, 'I want to control the Universe'. This has nothing whatsoever to do with wanting power. Far from it! The person with this programming feels that they are personally responsible for holding everything together, and if they relax their mental grip on the Universe, everything will fall apart. While logically they know this is not the case, on some level they believe they must carry that responsibility. They must sacrifice themselves by carrying this burden and must hold onto everything to guarantee safety.

Imagine the strain this puts on your mind and body, year after year!

Be Honest With Yourself

Do either or both of these mental patterns resonate with you? If they do, then it is time for a wake-up call. Never underestimate the power of your mind. The subconscious motivations you acquired early in life are very strong. Of course it is a good thing to be motivated to achieve in life, but if you have these particular programmes, you are a prime candidate for burnout and illness.

Fortunately, understanding is power. Being aware of your subconscious motivations can change everything. Simply recognising these patterns in yourself will start the process of replacing them.

If you are heading down the path towards burnout and ME now, you can stop the deterioration of your strength and save yourself years of illness. If you are already ill, this can be the key to regaining your health and your life: it was for me.

Author's Bio: 

Dr Anne Whitehouse studied at Cambridge University and had a scientific career before ME forced her to re-evaluate her life and change direction. During her return to health, she came to realise that disease is invariably linked with stress, and that stress is caused by negative mental programming. Clearing the deep-seated mental roots of stress is key for long-term health and well-being. She believes that everyone has the strength and ability to turn around any aspect of their life by changing their subconscious programmes and motivations. Anne is now an author, healer and transformational therapist. For more information on stress management and clearing your negative subconscious beliefs, go to