Microsoft continuously strives to make its technology certification programs more targeted. The overview for these certifications display the way these IT certifications fit together. Off lately, the Microsoft Certifications have lifecycle policies that are considered relatively beneficial to the Microsoft Certification program. To make sure that the Microsoft Certifications remain industry relevant and current, these policies are established. Among various Microsoft accreditations, MCSA Security 2003 certification is one of the IT certification that is extremely significant.

The MCSA Security 2003 training - Microsoft Certified System Administrator

To validate and display that the IT professionals who claim to have expertise in managing and troubleshooting systems that runs on Microsoft Windows operating system, are aptly equipped with the credentials required to perform certain tasks, this certification is valuable. The MCSA Security 2003 training is a highly recommended course to pursue in case one is aspiring to make career in this technology. For those who already had the credentials, MCSA on Windows 2000 may go for upgrade certification. Additionally, one may also pursue specialize courses, like MCSA: Messaging on Windows Server 2003 training or MCSA Security on Windows Server 2003 training and certification. One of the best ways to learn the concepts is to pursue MCSA Security 2003 Bootcamp course.

Candidate’s profile - MCSA Security 2003 certification

The Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) Security on Microsoft Windows 2000 certification is mainly designed for IT professionals those who may implement, manage, troubleshoot existing network and system environment based on the Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows .NET Server platforms.

Exams required - MCSA Security on Windows Server 2003 certification

To achieve MCSA Security on Windows Server 2003 certification, you must pass five exams (in any order):

• Two exams on networking systems
• One exam on client operating systems
• Two exams on security specialization

MCSA Security on Windows Server 2003 certification - Few tips

Every IT certification exam has a group of topics considered as the focus topics, the questions are also based on the topics that are under focus. So, understanding the topics that are in focus or key concepts always helps one to understand and study effectively. Instead of wasting one’s time in studying everything and anything without any strategy, it is more useful to perform selective study instead of spending more time understanding things that holds less weight. Few things that are considered important are:

• Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment - One should read and try to understand the key concepts as it measures one’s ability to manage technical tasks.
• Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure - The main focus here is on concepts of networking and the internet. So, one should have thorough knowledge of maintaining IP addresses, Implementing, Managing, Maintaining Network Security and Maintaining a Network Infrastructure.

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